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Meet the Women’s Quest Staff

Our Women’s Quest team comprises seasoned, compassionate athletes, Olympians, World and National champions, and remarkable individuals embodying the essence of wonder women. With over 32 years of expertise, we are deeply committed to crafting exceptional experiences that leave a lasting and profound impact on our participants.

I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to participate in Women’s Quest.

“I can’t completely describe all the qualities the staff of Women’s Quest possesses, other than it being a sweet combination of love, knowledge, strength, camaraderie, beauty, and tenderness—one would only find this if they totaled the best of Mother Nature, the Dalai Lama, a best girlfriend, mentor, and Guardian Angel.” -Diane Hillgrove

Colleen Cannon, founder of Women's Quest

Colleen Cannon
Founder of Women’s Quest

Colleen Cannon founded Women’s Quest after a highly successful career as a professional triathlete. In her racing days, she…

Lorraine Moller, Women's Quest speaker and coach

Lorraine Moller
Olympic Medalist / Run Coach / Speaker

Lorraine is a four-time Olympian, a three-time world champion, Olympic bronze medalist, and winner of sixteen…

Jacqueline Stanford, Women's Quest retreat leader

Jacqueline Stanford
WQ Chief Fun Officer

“Live life to its fullest”   “FANTASTIC”   Jacqueline Stanford was born on a farm in Western Canada where…

Christina Russell
Mountain Bike / Dance / Massage

Christina was born in Montreal Canada and grew up in New England where she cultivated her love of the…

Vilborg Halldórsdóttir, Women's Quest Iceland tour guide

Vilborg Halldorsdottir
Actress, storyteller and a tour guide

Vilborg Halldórsdóttir is an actress, storyteller and a tour guide;  trekking, riding, driving. Taking travellers to magical places since 1997… 

Rebecca Delong, Women's Quest bike instructor and massage specialist

Rebecca Delong
Mountain Bike / Road Cycling / Massage

In 1992 Rebecca traded in the East Coast and the Corporate World for the Colorado mountains and a new…

Vicky Hunter, Women's Quest running and training instructor

Vicky Hunter
Foundation Training Instructor

Vicky coaches athletes of all levels and abilities but is particularly attuned to the needs of

Kristen Wheeler
The Native Genius® Method Founder

The Native Genius Method helps individuals and teams identify and use their innate brilliance to get more success and happiness.

Gretchen Spiro, Women's Quest yoga instructor

Gretchen Spiro
Yoga Instructor

Gretchen Spiro has delighted in movement since entering this world. Long distance running along the cliffs in Santa Cruz,…

Pia Plant, Women's Quest surf instructor

Pia Plant
Head Surf Mermaid

Pia moved to Costa Rica over 11 years ago looking for peace, quiet and a smaller community. And she’s…

Nancy Goodfellow, Women's Quest yoga instructor

Nancy Goodfellow
Yoga Instructor

Nancy Goodfellow began her Yogic studies in the Ashtanga tradition under the guidance of her first teachers, Dominic Corigliano,…

Lynn Fagerstorm, Women's Quest Staff

Lynn Fagerstrom
Women’s Quest Staff

Lynn moved to Colorado 34 years ago to chase her dream of being a ski bum; she discovered cycling…

Gabriela Meneses, Women's Quest tour guide

Gabriela Meneses
Guide / Chaka Warmi

Gabriela was born in the countryside, 90 kilometers away from Cusco…

Kelly Páez, Women's Quest yoga instructor and staff

Kelly Páez
Yoga Instructor / Women’s Quest Staff

Kelly began her Yogic studies in the Krama yoga school under the guidance of her first teacher, Esteban Salazar…

Sydney Doolittle, Women's Quest yoga instructor and Ayurveda

Sydney Doolittle
Yoga Instructor / Ayurveda

Sydney grew up in New England and always enjoyed active outdoor pursuits…

Amanda Terry
Yoga Instructor / Ayurveda

Mother of the jungle, ocean , and land. Fully embodied, Amma moved to the Costa Rican  jungle two years ago after driving her van from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to the southern tip of the Osa Peninsula. Saying no to fear, Amma is in now the process of building her Ayurvedic wellness and healing center – Rooted in Love – on this beloved land.

Annie Spieker, Women's Quest staff

Annie Spieker
Chief organizational wizard

Annie has always lived in the midwest and in 2015, she and her husband Craig….

Jenna Barnes, Women's Quest chef

Jenna Barnes
A Wildly Inspired Chef

After working on organic farms for years and diving into studies of Herbalism with the East West School of Planetary Herbology, Jenna is obsessed with quality ingredients and wildcrafted plants.