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Amanda Terry

Amma or Amanda is a nature lover with a passion to help others to discover a more synchronistic and aligned way of living. She believes in a multifaceted approach to wellness in order to restore and maintain harmony within and without the body. Seeing the body as a whole system that functions in harmony with nature, Amma has been seeking holistic balance in herself and others since she began in the wellness industry in 2009. Originally a fitness instructor and personal trainer, Amma has shifted to share her knowledge through the lens of Ayurveda as a guide for others to find their own path to their own inner bliss.

In 2014 Amma was called to India to dive deeper into the Vedic studies of Kaula Tantra. Through the teachings of this non dualistic approach Amma discovered the power of letting go somatically through her yoga practice, and was able to meet a deeper version of herself – one she had not found through the intense styles of yoga in California. After receiving her 200 hour YTTC in Tantra Yoga with Shri Kali Ashram in India, she felt called to more deeply understand Ayurveda, so she went to the birthplace of Ayurveda in Kerala India, where she began her journey as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. Amma has continued her studies in Ayurveda focusing on Ayurvedic massage and cooking, and continued to expand her knowledge of yoga through Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga, Myofascial breathwork, and continues to study the art of gentle assists. 

At the core of Amma’s being she believes that through the power of pure presence, slowing down, creating small rituals, and living in ceremony we can truly awaken to a new way of living. With deep reverence and respect for the 5000+ year old teachings, she believes that we are all deserving to live a symptom free life. Her classes are a unique combination of anatomy based asanas guiding you into rhythm with your breath, and finding deep relaxation in the body. Amma curates her classes to be balancing for all the doshas, holding the asanas longer, followed by savasana (corpse pose) and breathing exercises to fully integrate the effects of the practice.

Amma’s work and life based travels have brought her to many incredible places over the years. Growing up with a Brazilian nanny from birth until 4 Portuguese was technically her first language. She loves to share the magic she sees of the different cultures she has had a chance to immerse herself into with people through travel. Amma currently calls the jungle of the Osa Peninsula home, where she lives in a harmonious state with the nature around her in her Nature based wellness center, Rooted in Love. She enjoys teaching yoga, meditation, hikes in nature, and helping others return to their roots, steeped in love and pure presence.