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About Us

What is Women’s Quest?

Yoga instructor teaching Women's Quest adventure retreat

• Host of enriching, rejuvenating adventure retreats to renew the spirit and strengthen the body
• A unique and powerful approach to create vibrant health and personal empowerment
• Ideal for women of any age, background, or athletic ability
• Program targeting the mind, body and spirit have been developed and refined over 16 years by world champion triathlete and Women’s Quest founder, Colleen Cannon

What can I expect?

• A non-competitive, supportive environment guided by experts
• Specialized instruction and personal attention to your interests and needs
• A strong sense of support and camaraderie
• A remarkable way to bring balance, self-awareness and health to everyday life

What will I discover?

• Comfortably challenge yourself in the spirit of self-discovery
• Learn powerful ways to unleash your potential and have fun on our wellness and adventure retreats
• Cultivate passion, vitality and balance in daily life
• Build a pathway between the body and mind
• Get the tools to create a plan for your “one wild and precious life”

Where are Women’s Quest retreats held?

Biking during a Women's Quest adventure retreat.

• At lodges and spas in spectacular places: Colorado Rockies, Bhutan, Italy, Hawaii, California and Vermont
• Each retreat is unique and honors the season and splendor of nature
• Everything is included: expert instruction, classes, accommodations, gear, materials and healthy, delicious meals

We believe physical activity is a great tool for personal discovery. Our Women’s Quest staff works with each woman to recognize how each activity is an expression of her uniqueness and strength. You are encouraged to playfully explore at your own pace and level of challenge.

Our program for the BODY includes:

• Expert training tips – explained in a way you will understand and remember
• Skills and drills – offered in the spirit of non-competitive play
• Nutrition – nourish yourself with healthful foods and reaffirming messages
• Playing with purpose – our adventure retreats are sure to rekindle your kid

Depending on the retreat, activities include:

• Hiking, Trail Running, Horseback Riding
• Mountain Biking, Road Cycling
• Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing
• Swimming, Surfing
• Yoga, Dance
• Massage and Facials (for an additional fee)

At Women’s Quest, the power of the mind is cultivated as an adventure in itself. You will evoke the courage to play and dream wildly.

Our program for the MIND includes:

• Exploration of internal messages that prevent you from enjoying and expressing yourself
• Steps you can take to increase your quotient of fun and humor
• Identifying your heart’s desire and unleashing the courage to live your dreams
• Opening imagination through art, journaling, and other creative endeavors
• Honing intuition and clarifying the quest for authenticity

Activities include:

Women surfing during a Women's Quest retreat.

• Inspirational talks and heart-felt discussions
• Igniting Your Soul Spark, Manifesting Heart’s Desire, True Health, and other life-affirming topics
• Visualization exercises
• Special techniques to cultivate a clear mind and open heart

Women’s Quest wellness and adventure retreats integrate creative and introspective practices to foster a “heart-felt sense” of authentic spirit. You’ll find a balance between the things you do in your life and the deeper aspects of who you truly are.

Our program for the SPIRIT includes:

• Yoga – relax, strengthen, center and empower yourself
• Dance – free your mind and body to move in your own way
• Movement meditations – develop awareness and generate core energy
• Breath awareness and voice – discover your essence

Activities include:

• Poetry and inspirational storytelling
• Music and movement
• Meditation and relaxation techniques
• Ways to help your spirit catch up with your life

Our life coaching program includes:

• Many ways to open your body, mind and spirit to bring you back in touch with what you LOVE
• Journaling & visualizations to help you get in touch with what your heart REALLY desires
• Wonderful, simple and easy to use tools to bring the energy of Women’s Quest back into your daily life