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Women’s Quest Frequently Asked Questions

What REALLY is Women’s Quest?

A group of women with their arms around each other on a Women's Quest retreat

It is very hard to describe the transformation that takes place at during our adventure retreats for women. When women get together Magic Happens! Women’s Quest offers unique, “One of a Kind” retreats that use physical activity as a vehicle to bring balance, self-awareness, and healthy attitudes into everyday life. The goal of Women’s Quest is to renew the spirit and strengthen the body through exciting, fun-filled experiences. Basically, you come to a retreat, you have fun and you Re-Kindle the Inner Kid energy.

Created for women by women, Women’s Quest retreats are held in awe-inspiring settings around the world and include expert instruction, gentle encouragement and the support and camaraderie of other women. This is accomplished in a non-competitive and nurturing environment where athletics can become a lifelong friend and teacher. Providing a myriad of fun activities from mountain biking, surfing to meditation, wilderness hikes to yoga practices, Women’s Quest shows women how to find their wings and fly.

Who created Women’s Quest?

Motivated by the desire to share the powerful tools of personal clarity and confidence that she gained through physical activity, former world class triathlete, Colleen Cannon, founded Women’s Quest in 1992. Colleen wanted to inspire women to find their Inner Athlete, have fun and Enjoy Life. Unparalleled by other programs, Women’s Quest has created a unique and highly powerful approach to creating total health for women, all while having a blast!

I am out of shape, Can I do Women’s Quest?

YES! Because women of all ages, backgrounds and athletic abilities attend the retreats there is a strong sense of support and camaraderie. Participants are inspired to overcome their limitations, celebrate their bodies and refresh their spirits. Whether you have just started a fitness walking program and want to learn new wellness tools, or are a competitive athlete looking for your next adventure, Women’s Quest invites you to comfortably challenge yourself with fun and adventure.—whether that means a long hike or speedy bike ride down a trail, or giving yourself quiet time to sit on a rock and stretch. You will be encouraged to playfully explore at your own pace.

The ability levels are always varied: The staff provides expert technical instruction for all ability levels and we really have fun teaching the advanced as well as the beginners. We want to help you achieve your goals and fulfill your expectations, whether that means learning or perfecting cycling, hiking a 14,000 ft peak, surfing or doing yoga for the first time. We keep the groups small so that everyone gets individual attention.

Who is your typical Quester?

Now in its 22nd year, Women’s Quest adventure retreats attract a diverse group of women from a variety of athletic abilities, backgrounds, professions and age groups.

Backgrounds range from:
*Business professionals who want a fit and fun vacation with everything planned
*Mom’s that really need to talk to someone their own age and refresh from the Inside-Out!
*Empty Nesters that are finally FREE to PLAY
*Women that did not have the chance to learn sports as children and they want a safe place to learn
*Girlfriends that want a fun getaway to laugh and celebrate life
*Athletic women that want to learn from the Pro’s and learn their training secrets
*Single women that want to travel and find adventure. The majority of the women who attend our retreats come by themselves. Although you may come alone, you will leave the retreat with new, lifelong friends!
*Mother/Daughters, single, married WOMEN!

You see…everyone is a Quester!!

What is the typical age?

We have had questers as young as 8, and as old as 82 but the bulk of our participants range from 30-65.

What is the The Mind/Body Balance?

Women’s Quest has always had the balance of the Mind/Body. We were doing it before it was cool because Colleen realized from her coach Phil Maffetone, that it was important to be Healthy as well as Fit and Healthy was balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit. The retreats offer a mixture of traditional and alternative methods to give you the powerful tools for personal discovery and transformation. For each of the physical activities, you will receive expert, and often individual, instruction. You also will be introduced to a variety of mind/body exercises and inspirational lectures to help nurture balance and encourage you to voice and follow your life’s dream.

What will I discover?

A group of women on an adventure retreat in Peru

Have you ever had an experience that really changed your life? Many of us have had a few magical, poignant moments that made us see things in an entirely new way – bringing what we value most into sharp focus. These experiences encourage us to step beyond our limitations and discover our power and passion. Women’s Quest retreats invite these sorts of special memories. In the company of supportive and inspirational women, you will experience moments of laughter, excitement, and reflection that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Women’s Quest invites you on a journey to find balance in you life—a quest for INTEGRATION, PASSION, and VITALITY of mind, body, and spirit. You will develop the tools and motivation needed to realize your unique potential and create a plan for what you want to create with your “one wild and precious life.” Our participants report profound and lasting change as a result of their retreat experience.

Where are the retreats held?

Our adventure retreats for women are held at resorts in spectacular and inspirational places such as the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Vermont, Sonoma Wine Country, Hawaii, Tuscany, Italy, Costa Rica, Croatia, Peru and Bali The splendor of the natural environment invites women to reflect upon their own innate beauty and experience their relationship with the natural world. Serene forests, singing streams and glorious wildflowers will be your wise companions on the journey. Accommodations, gear, and healthy, delicious food are included in every retreat.

Can you give me an example of the program?

Our Quests take wellness to a new level by merging adventures that awaken the body with mindful practices to feed the soul, all in a lighthearted and fun environment to leave you refreshed and renewed.


The Women’s Quest staff believes that physical activity can be a tool for personal growth, balance, and creativity. The focus of physical adventure is to provide a rewarding and wonderful PROCESS of fitness and fun. While providing EXPERT INSTRUCTION, the staff encourages and supports women in discovering how each activity is an EXPRESSION of her uniqueness and strength.

Retreat programs include:

Two women holding a surf board on their adventure retreat in Costa Rica

•Expert training tips for both the professional and novice athlete—explained in a way you will understand and remember.
•Skills and drills—offered in the spirit of non-competitive play.
•Nutrition—from the perspective of how you can nourish yourself with healthful food and cultivate supportive internal messages about your body.
•Topics may include: Playing with purpose—“working out” can be fabulously fun! The Hero’s Journey, Neurosculpting, Anything is Possible, Building your Vitality Bank Account.

Each camp is different. Adventures may include: Mountain biking or road cycling, Hiking, Trail running, Surfing, Swimming


At Women’s Quest, the power of the mind is cultivated as an adventure in itself. Evoking the courage to play and dream wildly, we will explore:

•Messages you internalize that prevent you from enjoying and expressing yourself.
•What steps you can take to increase your quotient of fun and humor.
•A process of identifying your heart’s desire—and unleash the courage to live your wishes, dreams and wild inclinations.
•Tips for overcoming obstacles and manifesting your deepest dreams.
•How to live from a place of “Yippee!…YES! I WANT to go for it!” instead of “I can’t” or “I’m not sure.”

Inspirational talks, heartfelt discussion and sharing, visualization, journaling and focused activities will support the cultivation of a clear mind and open heart.


Women’s Quest adventures integrate creative and introspective practices to foster intuition and a “felt sense” of each woman’s authentic spirit. The surrounding beauty of nature supports a depth of appreciation and is a metaphor of finding balance between the things you DO in your life, and the deeper aspects of who you truly ARE. Activities that wake up the senses, inviting creativity and a revitalized flow of energy, include:

•Yoga—relax, strengthen, center and empower yourself
•Dance—free your mind and body to move in YOUR own way
•Movement meditations—develop awareness, intuition and generate core energy
•Breath, voice work—discover the essence of yourself

We will rejoice in our expression and exploration—allowing for gratefulness and the wisdom of our essence to arise naturally. The staff seamlessly integrates poetry, inspirational stories, and music into the program. These retreats give your spirit time to catch up with your life. Register for one today!