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Meet Colleen Cannon

Colleen Cannon running with a white horse

Colleen Cannon founded Women’s Quest after a highly successful career as a professional triathlete. In her racing days, she was World Champion in 1984 and National Champion in 1988 and 1990. She also was a multiple U.S. National team member.

Her passions, besides chocolate and being in nature, are liberating and empowering women through movement and balance, and targeting their true “hearts’ desire.” Colleen continues to EVOLVE adventures for Women’s Quest, delighting in ways to ENCHANT women with the experiences that coax happiness grown from joyful physical experiences.

Keep reading to earn why Colleen created Women’s Quest and what she believes in.

The Women’s Quest Vision

In the words of Colleen Cannon:

I have been an athlete all my life and I guess you can say that I have a Ph.D. in Play! It was my love of the outdoors, sports and adventure that lead me into a very successful career as a professional triathlete for 11 years (1982-1992). But beyond the athletic accolades like National Champion and World Champion, I saw my success not in titles, but in experiences. I learned that physical activity is one of the most powerful and, perhaps the most under-used tool for personal discovery, balance and transformation. For me, training and racing was far more than simply grinding it out and competing, it was chance to create harmony in all aspects of my life. I had the amazing opportunity to train with the world’s best athletes, coaches and doctors to help me gain the “winning edge”. As a result, I discovered that there is an athlete and winner within each of us. With clear vision and determination, we can all achieve our life’s dream. So it is this spirit, woven through the curriculum at Women’s Quest, that sets our program apart from any other.

I created Women’s Quest with a flood of ideas in the back of my mind. I wanted to ignite a spark and passion in people for the outdoors, their own bodies and their spirits. I wanted to create a safe environment for women to experience new kinds of activities and not feel rushed, intimidated or threatened. We live in a very competitive world and Women’s Quest is a safe haven from all the craziness of competition. From my years as a professional athlete I also saw that we needed more women in sports. Since then, it has been my personal mission to get more women involved in sports on a level with which each woman is comfortable. Regardless of your age, fitness level or athletic background, it is never too late to learn to love an active lifestyle and feel truly alive.

Another fundamental reason for creating Women’s Quest was to educate women about healthy body image, nutrition and a fun, active lifestyle (which hopefully gets passed down to their children). Our goal is to introduce women to the healthy aspects of being balanced and to connect people with the biggest playground we have – The Outdoors! At camp, I am constantly amazed at how women truly start to shine after they have spent six days playing outside. There seems to be a liberating light that is mysteriously ignited when we get out of the house or office, and get into nature. This is where the fun begins.

The dedication and devotion of our staff has grown each year since we started because of the many letters we receive from the participants about how the Women’s Quest experience has changed their lives forever. It must be this magical combination of the great outdoors, open hearts and chocolate. You will just have to come see for yourself.

Listen to Colleen Cannon’s origin story as she’s interviewed by Nicole DeBoom. Promised to put a smile on your face.

What Colleen Believes In:

Colleen Cannon on a women's retreat in Iceland

Welcome to my World! Women’s Quest was started as a “Soul Spark” of mine in 1992. I wanted to help SAVE the Planet and bring Happy Molecules to the world. I really believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and together we can make a difference. For REAL!!

  • I believe in Magic and Miracles and the GREAT MYSTERY of GOD
  • I believe that we can all change the world one step, smile, gesture, or intention at a time.
  • I believe in LOVE of course and the healing power of sending loving thoughts, blessing your body with self love and putting blessing pads on your shoes before you go out and run. I put my imaginary blessing pads on my shoes each day before every run so that the earth can feel a little love massage
  • I believe in angels and fairies for real. My husband is a real angel.. seriously.. a real angel and anyone who has ever met him thinks so as well..
  • I believe in the power of the smile. When you smile you open your central channel from the top of your head all the way down. This great love beam comes into your body like an avalanche of Grace that sweeps though your system and heals everything.
  • I believe in Laughter not only as the best medicine but as the best way to strengthen your tummy muscles
  • I believe in giving and getting praises. So please give children, pets, parents, all humans, trees and rocks.. Give everything a little praise. When I am sad I give my husband the top 10 praises to say to me to uplift my spirits. He will say things like, You are the Best, You are the strongest, You are the skinniest..etc etc
  • I believe it is super fun to surf and catch waves but it is even more fun to have your own personal surf shaman to pick out your waves and push you into waves so you don’t get munched…
  • I believe that chocolate is really good for you and my neighbor Becky makes a really great gluten free chocolate banana bread that is awesome. AND I believe it is good for me
  • I believe that riding horses is the VERY BEST MEDITATION on earth and a great way to align with the divine. By the way I believe in unicorns as well cus my horse is one
  • I believe in friendships and strong bonds that can carry you through any sickness, foreclosures or sadness
  • I believe that having a running buddy is better then therapy
  • I believe that water (frozen or fluid) is FUN.. You can ski, surf, swim, paddle, snowbaord, skate, skid, waterski, sail, SUP What a blast!
  • I believe there is really No Right or Wrong in anything. It is just perspective and personal opinion. So why waste time arguing about it.
  • I believe it is a waste of time and life force to worry about things or outcomes. You do what you can and do your best about a situation and then… Let Go!
  • I believe in so many things but I really believe in the power of thoughts. I put YES stickers all around me. I don’t even know what I am saying YES about but I like it. When I was a professional triathlete I used to put YES on my handlebars just to make me happy while riding.
  • I believe where the mind goes.. energy flows
  • I believe (and so does Wayne Dyer and Abraham) that Feeling Good is REALLY the most Important thing… So do what it takes right now… to feel good!! Sing, Dance, light a candle, take a bath, get outside, hug a tree, hold a hand, pet an animal, breath some air..
  • I believe that Anything is Possible… Adian Watson age 10 said..”Don’t say it’s impossible. In an infinite universe anything is possible.”
  • I really really believe that Everything ALWAYS works out for the BEST. When one door closes not only do many windows and other more wonderful doors open for you but you get to see a new viewpoint and have a new adventures.
  • I believe that we all have the capability for a WONDERFUL LIFE!!. We are on this wild and crazy roller coaster ride of Ups and Downs and that makes this “One Wild and Precious Life” a wonderful magical ride….. Think about it…. We don’t want to be flat lining it…EVER!!!
  • I believe that EVERYTHING IS SACRED

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