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Kristen Wheeler

Kristen Wheeler teaches Native Genius worldwide at companies like HP, Airbnb, Figma, and eBay. The Native Genius Method helps individuals and teams identify and use their innate brilliance to get more success and happiness, without having to sacrifice one for the other.

The Native Genius® Method relies on conversations and practices, rather than personality tests. People help each other identify and use their Native Genius — a collection of innate talents they barely realize they’re doing, that are making a bigger impact than they realize.

The Native Genius® Method is the next evolution of strengths — focusing on belonging, vulnerability, and connection to remove hidden obstacles that strengths approaches typically don’t address. The Method is based on research, and has been developed and tested for fifteen years in Fortune 500 tech companies.

Kristen started her career as a certified public accountant and software developer for Accenture. Before developing the Method, she was a culture change consultant and executive coach for twenty years — regarding matters of IT, leadership, strategy, and strengths. Amidst that work, she earned MAs in Mythological Studies and Body Centered Psychology.