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The Power of a Smile

“I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish.” – Mother Theresa

It’s springtime, time to SMILE and FEEL GOOD! Many things can bring health and happiness, but the easiest of all is the power of a smile. (It is way easier than eating only veggies).

I have traveled around the world and we all understand one thing: the universal language of the smile. During covid, it has been hard for me to wear masks because I am normally always smiling at everyone. When I smile at everyone (including complete strangers), it always uplifts me, and hopefully it uplifts them too. Smiling is so essential to feeling good, looking good, and spreading joy.

I learned the energy behind the smile when I was racing. When things got tough — and they normally did around the end of an Ironman race — I learned that if I could just smile, my whole outlooked changed. So my go-to “survival tip” was to put a SMILEY FACE on my bike handle bars. That would instantly lift my spirits, even in a head wind, and remind me to lighten up, relax, and look where I want to go. Later when I studied Qigong, I learned that smiling opens up the central channel of the body and allows all kinds of good positive energy to be available to you.

Pass a smile around today, and make a list of the things that make you smile!

Colleen’s Smile List:

  • The hummingbirds at my feeder and how sometimes they share feeding spaces
  • The buds on the trees where each day a new green sprout has emerged
  • The Pink Trees
  • The flowers making their way through the frozen ground, especially the Pasque flowers
  • Kids. They always make me smile, and they smile 400 times a day. More than 30% of us smile more than 20 times a day and less than 14% of us smile less than 5 times a day
  • The return of the bluebirds
  • The smell of the thawing earth
  • The smell of my horse as it has rolled in the thawing muddy earth
  • Friends laughing together on THE QUEST
  • Chocolate
  • Bread and butter
  • Singing or listening to someone singing
  • Fresh clean warm sheets
  • Massages
  • Snowflakes and gliding on them
  • The water – any form of water. The ocean, drinking it, surfing it, swimming in it, etc.
  • Dolphins and they are always smiling
  • Talking to my friends and the Quest staff around the world… they are all my extended family and I love them and hearing from them makes me smile
  • The art of slowing down, which I love
  • My dog always makes me smile because she loves everything
  • How the universe always works out everything. Currently, it brought me Lily and Sarah who are helping with Women’s Quest. True angels!
  • Fun yoga and talks on the Quest. Last week Syl Corbett really made me laugh and smile. Check out her book here

Seriously, just about everything makes me smile. Even when the painful news hits hard to the heart, I say a prayer and send a smile to the situation. Then I turn off the news. Here’s a key: I never let my inner smile energy go out. When it starts to dull or it feels lonely or depressed, I immediately say 5 things I am grateful for and eventually my frown turns upside down, back to a smile.