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Cooking and Conversation with Chicca Maione and Colleen

Join us on Sunday, May 23rd at 10:30 am for cooking and conversation with Chicca Maione, LIVE from Tuscany! We’re making bruschetta!

Take 30 minutes of your life to learn a simple recipe plus the basics to feeling good and nourishing your body from the inside out with Chicca Maione’s secret formulas.

We know you are all wanting to PLAY OUTSIDE so we created a short and sweet cooking class to invigorate your taste buds and tantalize your mind.

Join Chicca in her kitchen where we will learn the secret ingredients of her antipasto recipes but also her ingredients for “La Dolce Vita” or… the sweet life. Chicca believes in home cooking and fresh ingredients (the olive oil and herbs from her farm are her two favorite ingredients), but we will also get an inside look at the secret ingredient for happiness in her life.

Chicca Maione's bruschetta recipe
Women's Quest Tuscany retreat

While this virtual cooking class will be a blast, you can join us ON THE GROUND IN TUSCANY this September! Click here to read more about this amazing retreat where we’ll cycle through the rolling hills and ancient villages under the Italian sunshine.