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Book Notes with Dr. Syl Corbett
D-FUNk: Strategies to Lead an Inspired Life

Want to be truly inspired? Join us on Wednesday at 6 pm to learn about D-FUNk: Strategies to Lead an Inspiring Life. We are so proud to offer this amazing, uplifting, and educational chat with my good friend and former Women’s Quest staff member, Dr. Syl Corbett, who is always inspiring and the brains behind Rock On Clay, the best athletic balm on the planet. Sign up below!

The one and only Syl! Syl and I met somewhere on a trail about 30 years ago and we became friends fast. Syl has been a staff member at some of our Women’s Quest retreats over the years, and she is one of the most energized and fun humans on the planet. We would go on long, long, long runs and laugh the whole time. Our adventures would normally get us totally lost up on the Continental Divide. Syl and her sister were also really into nutrition. In fact, they created the first healthy cookie of the time that you could live on for a week. They had every nutrient under the sun in them, and I love cookies so we gave them to all the Quest participants. I can’t say enough about Syl’s positive energy, laughter, perspective and zest for life. She is full throttle fun!

D-FUNk author Dr. Syl Corbett

Dr. Syl Corbett, DC, Ph.D. is a scholar, athlete, writer, cartoonist, and entrepreneur. She regularly contributes to academic journals, fitness magazines and popular blogs. Syl is a guest lecturer at numerous academic and sports conferences across North America. Syl has more than twenty years’ experience consulting professional athletes and corporate executives on performance, exercise and wellness. She received her undergraduate degree from Concordia University, her master’s from A.T. Still University, her clinical doctorate from Palmer West, and her research doctorate from the University of Calgary. Syl divides her time between her research interests, athletics and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Based on sound scientific evidence, D-FUNk outlines several accessible strategies you can implement to change the way you view and engage in life. By adopting these strategies you’ll be arming yourself with brain- and body-boosting tools to handle challenges keep you heading in a direction of your choice.

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