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Join Women’s Quest on Earth Day, April 22, 2020 at 11am MDT for an Offering Ritual to Mother Earth


We will connect virtually with friends, shamans, healers, and musicians from Peru, Iceland, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the United states at this critical time on Earth to focus our hearts towards saving our amazing planet (and of course the humans).
WQ has had the incredible opportunity while guiding our retreats over the last 30 years to align and become friends with many indigenous people from around the globe.
We are bringing our faraway friends together for a once in a lifetime special Earth Day ceremony to connect our humble hearts, minds, and healing energy to set a grid of light and love for our Cosmic Mother and to send health, wellness, and abundance to all beings everywhere.

What to Expect:

A one-hour ceremony and celebration led by Gabriela Meneses, from the Sacred Valley of Peru and Shaman Pacha. Gaby has been guiding the Women’s Quest Peru Adventure Retreat for 15 years. We will offer Pachamama (Mother Earth) our immense gratitude for the LOVE she has for us and with tenderness she will guide us to clarity, revealing our unappreciative ways and errors. With incredible wisdom she will remind us of the importance of being more aware and conscious in our lives and recognizing our role on Earth. We will pray to accept the Divine Plan.

  • Peruvian music: The musicians are Pachatusan Inkari, the name of a very sacred Apu (Mountain) and Inkari is a mythological character from Inka times
  • Cacoa leaf ceremony
  • Honoring of the elements
  • Setting an intentional grid of LOVE
  • Global participation with shamans from Peru (Pacha), Iceland (Shaman Star Dreamer Singing), Egypt, Costa Rica (Gaia), Hawaii, New Zealand, Bhutan, and USA (Shamananca)
    • So far 8 places are connecting the energy of healing light
  • Cacoa leaf tea reading with Dores

What do I need for this ceremony?

Shaman Pacha will be honoring the 4 directions and elements and appreciates if we can  bring something to honor the Earth that represents the 4 elements to have on your alter or on the table around you:

  • Please wear light colors

**Earth: Dirt, stones, seeds

Direction is North, Color is Green, Root Chakra (Grounded, Logical, Hard-working)

**Air:  Lavender, purple or violet or white string to tie on your wrist to keep for 2 days

Direction is East, Color is Yellow, Heart and Throat Chakra, (Communicative, Joyful, Imaginative)

**Water:  Glass of water

Direction is West, Color is Blue, Sacral Chakra (Healing, Peaceful, Trusting)

**Fire: A candle or light

Direction is South, Color is Orange, Solar Plexus Chakra (Courageous, Strong, Passionate)

The power behind sacred ceremonies and the most important ingredient is intent.

How to connect virtually on April 22, 2020?

We are hosting this event via Zoom. Please download the Zoom application to your device of choice and access the ceremony via this link: https://zoom.us/j/92537640112

  • 7am:    Hawaii time
  • 10am:   West Coast USA
  • 11am:   Mountain USA
  • NOON: Peru
    • When the Earth is the most open to receive the blessings
  • 1pm:    East Coast USA
  • 5pm:    Iceland
  • 7pm:    Italy

In this unpredictable time, when the earth is re-booting, I feel it is the divine time to infuse and send messages of LOVE to Mother Earth.

We are hosting this event to honor our glorious Mother Earth and to support our indigenous partners as the Earth reboots. For as much growth as this moment in time has allowed some, it has wreaked economic havoc on many. Our indigenous partners in Peru rely heavily on tourism to support their tribe. We kindly hope that you will make a financial contribution towards ensuring that this multi-generational, multi-family, community is able to survive this time, even $5 will go a long way! Sincerest gratitude for your kindness : )

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