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Curated Reads for Hawaii Retreat!

Ready to be in Hawaii already? Well you know what they say, books have a way of transporting the soul! So, let’s travel. Hawaii, here we come! These 7 hand selected books offer something for everyone, from proverbs and poems to land-grabbing politics. This curated list of Hawaii reads is the perfect pre-retreat me-time must to bring you closer to the culture that makes the Hawaiian islands so undeniably magical.
The Book of Ho'oponopono

Perfect Read for Any Quester!!
“The Book of Ho’oponopono: the Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness and Healing,”
by Luc Bodin MD
Based on an ancestral Hawaiian shamanic ritual, the healing practice of Ho’oponopono teaches you to cleanse your consciousness of negative memories, unconscious fears, and dysfunctional programming and grant yourself forgiveness, peace, and love.

One of my Favorite Hawaii Books, of Course!
by Mary Kawena Pukui and co-authors

History Buffs Will Whizz Through This!
“The Shoal of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands,”
by Gavan Daws

This book is widely considered to be the definitive text when it comes to the modern history of Hawai’i. Certainly, no other text attempts to take on such a broad swathe of history in such detail. If you’re interested in the history of Hawai’i and/or the imperialist history of the U.S. in the Pacific, Shoal of Time is a must read.

Letters from Hawaii

Created for Classic Literature Lovers!

“Letters from Hawaii,”
by Mark Twain
The book consists of 25 letters with Twain’s observations about the people, scenery, economy and politics of Hawaii in the 1860s.

Deep Read for Those Who Love to Dig Deeper Into the Politics of Wealth and How it Can Shape a Region
“Land and Power in Hawaii,”
by George Cooper and Gavan Daws (there he is again!)
*This is an academic reading

For Questers who love diving into a novel that sweeps them away!

by Alan Brennert
This book is set in Hawai’i more than a century ago, is an extraordinary epic of a little-known time and place—and a deeply moving testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.

Another Great Read for History Lovers (an easier read than Shoal)
“Lost Kingdom: Hawaii’s Last Queen, the Sugar Kings and America’s First Imperial Adventure
by Julia Flynn Siler
Deftly weaving together a memorable cast of characters this book brings to life the ensuing clash between a vulnerable Polynesian people and relentlessly expanding capitalist powers. Portraits of royalty and rogues, sugar barons, and missionaries combine into a sweeping tale of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s rise and fall.

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