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Gretchen’s Yoga – Sonoma Retreat

Gretchen teaches yoga in a creative way that blends traditional practice with juicy, effective and fun ways of moving our bodies.  Classes cultivate a feeling of being grounded and centered, with a light and open heart. She has a unique way of guiding with precision and attention to anatomical detail…blended with practices to cultivate boundless embodied presence.   With a fresh, authentic and humble spirit, Gretchen is passionate about offering support for practice to both beginners and those who may have done yoga for years.  She’s a master at offering modifications for accessibility. 

Gretchen teaches the art of yoga in a poetic way that blends functional movement with a transformational spirit of adventure. 


  • care for all our joints
  • how to support our changing bodies as we age (balance, posture)
  • functional strength and mobility
  • clear alignment and precise ways to make real change and heal stuck areas or injuries


  • the “feeling” of being in the flow
  • movement for opening our availability to feel our deep feelings and insights
  • delight, pleasure, surprise, creativity, fluidity
  • intuitive movement, embodiment, empowerment