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How Women’s Quest is Traveling Safely During Covid-19

The past year has forced us to stay grounded and go inward, to examine our sense of self and greet change with open arms, trusting that this change brings an opportunity for growth. As we head toward brighter days, we are so excited to bring back retreats and travel together, responsibly and safely! We emerge from this time with a reawakened zest. 

Traveling Safely During Covid-19

We seem to have found the right ingredients to run our retreats while prioritizing safety. Our new retreat protocol includes:

  • All retreat members get a negative covid test prior to departure.
  • We stay up to date with the latest CDC guidelines, both for the USA and wherever we happen to be going.
  • We ensure that all of our accommodations are up to date on their covid protocols as well. (And our business is helping them stay afloat!)
  • Most of our retreat activities are outdoor, by nature! We eat together in the open air and spend most of our day in the fresh air enjoying nature.

With the ease and accessibility of testing, the growing vaccine availability, and the ability to stay safe and socially-distanced while traveling, we are so excited to return to travel and come together with enthusiasm and passion. And the groups that have joined us for retreats this past year have been magical, to say the least. Everyone is so ready to be together in a safe environment to play, laugh, and see delight in each other’s eyes.

Travel has so many benefits, from boosting mental health (empathy, energy, attention, focus, + more) to opening your mind and changing your perspective to lowering stress and giving you a chance to recharge. Our upcoming summer retreats are the perfect opportunity for you to step back into travel and join together with a wonderful community of women.

Here’s what some women said from the 2021 Hawaii Retreat: 

“The 2021 Hawaiian Women’s Quest was the perfect get away I needed in order to help me increase the positivity of my life’s journey. Colleen is so excited to share the unbelievably beautiful life, natural surroundings, people, and fun activities of this part of Hawaii. Her positive energy is infectious, entertaining, and genuine. She does an amazing job making sure all the activities can be for all no matter what your skill or tolerant level is. The great part of the whole quest was that in the slew of enjoyment: dolphin swimming; sunsets; paddle boarding; several types of yoga and meditations; whale sightings; eating fresh and healthy foods; meeting other awesome women; sharing life stories; I was able to personally conquer some emotional scars and grow from within to find some clear direction, self confidence, and acceptance for the next steps in my life.” – Kate from Indiana

“Timing is everything. Spending time with a community of amazing women after such a hard year lit me back up and could not have come at a better time.” – EH 

“Aaah….the Hawaiian Women’s Quest…a sense of peace, calmness, self-accomplishment, and care comes to soul, mind and body when I reflect back on the amazing retreat. The beautiful, infectious energy of Colleen and all her unique, special moments added throughout the week created quite a memorable life experience/adventure. My first Quest and definitely not my last!!!” – Danielle from CA

Join us on our upcoming retreats!

Sonoma Adventure Retreat: June 13th – 18th, 2021

Jackson Hole Luxury Retreat: June 27th – July 2nd, 2021

Iceland Hiking, Horses, & Hot Springs: June 23rd – June 30th

Utah: Canyonlands, Moab, and Arches: October 10th – 15th, 2021

And many more into 2021 and 2022! Click here to check out the full list of retreats.