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Join us on on Thursday, August 13th at 6pm (MDT) for Playtime with Diane Israel!

In 1983, Diane and I were racing in the first USTS Bud Light Triathlon in Fort Desoto, Florida. At that time everyone just swam all together — if you were a good swimmer you put an A on your swim cap. We had so much fun at the triathlon and we knew we were destined to be best friends. In fact, Diane Israel is the reason I moved to Boulder, Colorado.
I moved to Boulder, Colorado on July 4th, 1983 and Diane immediately took me up to the Mt. Evans Hill Climb. It was a half marathon that went straight up. Diane won the Colorado Mountain Runner of the Year… I think I was in last place grasping for air.
This Thursday night (Aug. 13th) at 6pm (MDT), Diane is going to share some stories of her triathlon, running days and how she has learned so much to stay healthy (especially in brain and the Vagus nerve). Diane is wonderful — she speaks from her heart and will activate your heart!
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Diane’s Bio:
Diane Israel is a respected psychotherapist and professor at Naropa University, where she is a professor of the Mindfulness based transpersonal counseling program, and as well as a trustee. A former world-class marathon runner and triathlete, Diane had a life-changing near-death experience at 17 while running a race. Her athletic career ended at age 28 from over-exercising and chronic fatigue. These episodes became her “wake up.” Since then, she’s been on an ongoing path to discover joy and well being in today’s environment—the sanity within the insanity of modern life.
As with other gifted and highly sensitive individuals, Diane thinks and experiences life in unique ways. Way out of the “box” ways . She calls it Queering. At times this makes it difficult for her to function in  loud and bustling environments, as a result she brings forth insights into new ways of thinking about tough subjects like death. Her capacity of pausing, observing, and digesting has great presence and capacities to help people through complex emotional experiences such as grief. Grief can be difficult to take it all in at once, and Diane’s ability to break down the act of grieving often helps a person simply get through it.  Assists folks in experiencing grief to the fullest depths and textures.
Diane is the executive producer, writer, and co-director of Beauty Mark, the award-winning documentary that follows her personal journey as an athlete and explores our race to perfection, our self-judgements, our personal fights, and often obsessions around an unrealistic body image.
Diane, as a self defined androgynous being, has been an ally and mentor to young people in the queer, trans, and gender fluid community. She has supported the creation of Queer Asterisk, a counseling center serving the queer and trans community in Boulder, Colorado where she serves as Board Chair. She is passionate about creating awake queer community and is inspired by Queer Asterisk’s mission and service to the whole community.