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A couple weeks ago we hosted a great discussion with Mary Ann Simonds.
The event was called Humans By Nature — a talk to inspire you to move from “human-centric” to “nature-centric”.  As we face challenges from viruses to climate change, the answers lie within us. By integrating our hearts and minds into symbiotic resonance with nature we can discover our true self and the power we have to create change. Learn to look”with” not “at” life and discover the shift within you.
An educator and catalysts for consciousness, Mary Ann Simonds, B.S., M.A., has worked professionally for over 40 years combining science and spiritual exploration with horses and nature helping people connect to their inner and outer natures. She has woven her passion for horses, nature, animals and people into various disciplines of consulting and educational practices. What seems like a diverse path is strongly rooted to her core beliefs – life is a complex, constantly evolving system of relationships and humans are intimately connected to all of nature.
In this talk, Mary Ann Simonds discusses a few major points:
We are a part of nature and nature is part of us! Our inner and our outer natures are completely connected.

  1. All of nature — including animals and plants — feels. Plants pick up our thoughts and feelings through their electromagnetic feel. If you are playful, compassionate, and you pay attention to what nature is saying, nature listens.
  2. We are constantly changing,and we must not resist this change. We are evolving, so we must embrace the change as a natural systems model.
  3. Nature has an energetic blueprint for life. There is a measurable field (some call it the morphic field, the bio field, the electromagnetic field) that is outside of the third dimension that is holding the space of our planet and existence. That field gets filled with thoughts, energy, and emotions, and if it is all negative, then the blueprint for what is happening becomes negative. If it is positive and joyful, then the blueprint for what we’re evolving to is happy and joyful.
  4. Language directs our culture and changes the outcome of how we think about things! For example, we must understand the environment as our It is our home.

This talk gives you tips and comforts to bring you back home, to nature. Nature is our home! Click here to watch and listen to the discussion.

Check out Mary Ann Simonds on social:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heartmindspeak/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maryann.simonds.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mary-ann-simonds-26697010/