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I like to think of spring as a recess for the planet and mandatory play time. So with this recent chance to reboot, let’s take time to watch the miracles of spring and do a happy dance in place. Watch a leaf grow! Bless a dandelion! Count clouds! Appreciate the many gifts of spring right in front of you! It’s time to bloom, and you can do that right from your home. This is my favorite season because I live in the mountains of Colorado, and spring means that everything is unpredictable. The weather is crazy – one day it can be super warm and the next day you could have three feet of snow out your door. How refreshing and exciting it is to wake up and wonder what the spring day will bring!

Earth has heard the wake up call, and it inspires us in every way to do some spring-cleaning. As with nature, our bodies also hear this wake up call. Everything inside us starts to thaw out — there are old emotions, stiff joints, and stagnant fluids that are yearning to flow once again. I have taken a few clues from nature to help give you a jump start on your spring cleaning and a chance to refresh, even from lockdown. 


Our natural impulse is to start moving more. Spring feels like a great time to start to play and jump around again, to get that “spring in your step.” Though the lockdown prohibits us from going outside, we have provided lots of online classes so that you can get moving in your own home.

After the long winter of slow distance training, where you have developed a good solid aerobic foundation, it is time to start “getting the lead out” or opening up your internal streams. Try this by introducing some speed play or fartlek twice a week to your training program. My favorite track workout is called straights and curves. Run or stride the straight part of the track and then jog around the curves to get your breath back for three to five miles. This is a great season opener because it does not tax your anaerobic system so much. By the time your heart rate has gotten up from running the straight part of the track, it gets a chance to go back down on the curve. This is a great way to trick yourself into shape. 


The second spring-cleaning tip is about nutrition. How to eat for spring vitality is fairly easy — just look around at what is blooming! You will see lots of green grass and dandelions sprouting up. You might think that dandelions are pesky, but in fact, they are great for your liver. I like to eat bitter greens as well as drink as much Green Magma or chlorophyll as I can. 

It is also good to do some type of cleansing during the springtime to help open up your internal channels and get things flowing. My favorite type of cleanse is the lemon cleanse. Combine the juice of about half a lemon with some maple syrup and cayenne pepper. I typically do a three-day liver cleanse or fast where I drink around 8-10 glasses each day. Another option is to drink a cup of this each morning to start your day. The whole spring idea is to lighten up, so eating spring foods and thinking light spring thoughts can really be beneficial to your lightness of being. 


The third spring tune-up is regarding your inner fitness. Though it can be hard to get going, all you need to do is take some quiet time each day to sit down and breathe. Doesn’t sound so hard, right? This is important for any time of the year, but it is absolutely essential in the springtime, and especially this spring during quarantine. To be fair, it’s hard for me to sit still at any time, but it is even more difficult when the earth is bursting with energy. But I know how important it is to take this time so that I can stay grounded, focused, and centered in the rush of spring. This is a chance to reflect on the old patterns or clutter that you want to clear out to make way for the fresh spring start.

My favorite practice is to sit quietly for five minutes and follow my breath. To focus, I like to listen to my pulse and breathe in for three counts, hold for two counts. Then, exhale for three counts and hold for two counts. Once you have been sitting for five minutes, it starts to feel natural and relaxing, making me want to stay for longer. My average sit time is about 20-30 minutes. I focus on my breath, letting all my old winter thoughts and patterns flow out without notice or care. In fact, the word breath comes from inspiration or inspire. This quiet time can also help you get the inspiration you need to take on the new spring challenges. 


The last spring tune-up is perhaps the most exciting part about spring: the blooming of all the trees and flowers. We have waited all winter long with our seeds and bulbs deep inside the earth gathering force, preparing for the ground to thaw so we could burst onto the scene. This is called creativity. Our long awaited dreams can now take action and become reality. Dream, envision, and manifest to create the life you want. Join the Quest membership this May to receive guidance on ways to plant your metaphorical garden!