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“We save the world by being alive ourselves”

– Joseph Campbell

This quote sparked me to create this online community where women from all over, of all ages and abilities can come together to laugh, create, share, and support each other. It gives you a chance to learn from experts on how to maintain balance, get healthy as well as fit, and be truly alive and whole hearted. Our goal is for you to become more aligned with yourself and what is important to you, but most importantly, we will show you that your Holy Grail is already inside you. You are what you have been searching for and your “one wild and precious life” is right in front of you. As a professional triathlete who won over 75 triathlons, I had to be at my BEST. I was blessed with opportunities to learn about how to win the “Race of Life” from the most incredible coaches, teachers, mentors, shamans – from people I call real life angels. I learned how to stay healthy and balanced, creating fitness and wellness from the inside out.
Our Quest membership is a distillation of all my practices that led me to be the best in the world with guidance from our incredible staff. Hint: it wasn’t about killing yourself and going hard all the time.
The online Quest membership combines the body, mind, and spirit and brings Women’s Quest retreats to your own home. We believe that connection is so important, so we have created a platform that will include live workouts, discussions with inspirational speakers, meditations, and more to help you create your dream life now.
Body: Let’s keep moving and playing! Four live yoga and fitness classes per week plus 20 other recorded sessions to choose from, in case you can’t make our meeting times.
Mind: Guided meditations to help soothe your soul and sleep. Discussions with leaders on the brain and neuroscience.
Spirit: Rituals, blessings, and daily inspirational wake up messages directly to your phone to start your day creating happy molecules.
Plus, two live lectures each week in May as well as cooking classes, wine tastings, dance parties, and discussions.
Some Key Dates:
May 1st: Celebration and Kick Off
May 7th: Full Moon + Love your Mother
May 10th: Special Mother’s Day event with self massage techniques and a sound healing journey with Patricia, from Costa Rica
May 14th: The start of an eight-week series called “Hearts Desire” where you will learn how to plant your metaphorical garden, set your intentions and manifestations in motion, and focus your energy
May 17th: Cooking in Tuscany with Chicca, plus wine education with Chiappini Winery
May 21st: Interview with 4x Olympian Lorraine Moller on self mastery
May 28th: Interview with Dr. Jai Gottliebs about his new book “Pleasure.”