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Virtual Play Day in Bhutan

Join us for a virtual play day in Bhutan, the happiest place on the planet, on October 24th at 9am (MDT). 

The setting of our virtual play day in BhutanOnce upon a time in the faraway “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” fertile valleys, lush forests, and soaring peeks swept across the Eastern Himalayas. Prayer flags dotted the landscape and monasteries clung to the sides of jagged cliffs.

This is no fairytale. The last surviving Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan exists today as it has for millennia. Each month, we host a virtual play day at one of our retreat locations.

This month we are thrilled to bring Questers to Bhutan for a virtual play day! We will meet with Toby from Bhutan who will share the mediations, stories, and philosophy of his country. Toby will tell us about the happiness of the local people and how it is connected to the Himalayan Tantric Buddhism, following up with an activity to achieve happiness. Then, he will share about the Tshe chhu mask and dance festival and how locals use the festival as a time to relax and enjoy the time off.

Women's Quest celebrating a virtual play day in Bhutan

Happiness a way of life in Bhutan — it is embedded in their lifestyle with Buddhist philosophy. Nestled along the slopes of the eastern Himalayas sits the landlocked country of Bhutan, full of rich, unique cultural heritage. Having never been colonized, its independence has ensured that Bhutanese traditions have endured over time, even as the country has moved out of isolation. Much of Bhutan’s cultural traditions are informed by Buddhism. As the country’s most dominant religion, it pervades most aspects of life, including festivals known as Tsechu

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Women dancing in traditional Bhutanese dress