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Celebrating Cancer Awareness Month with Kathie Billing

Join Women’s Quest and Kathie Billing in Celebration of Cancer Awareness Month on October 8th at 6pm (MDT)

Kathie Billing, our speaker for cancer awareness monthKathie Billing is a wife, mother, animal activist, wellness warrior, wild woman, registered nurse and 3-time cancer survivor. Kathie was a quester 20 years ago, and this group has remained extremely close ever since, participating in other quests together and supporting each other through life’s ups and downs. In this hour, we will hear about Kathie’s heroic journey during our celebration of cancer awareness month —

Cancer came at a time in my life when I was super busy, running marathons and living life full throttle. I read Lance Armstrong’s book, and it helped me change my whole perspective and WAKE UP! I will be sharing the blessings of gratitude, learning how to listen, why movement is KEY, and how to ask for what you really want and need.”

This will be an hour of opening, learning, growing and becoming!

Join Zoom Meeting on October 8th at 6pm

Meeting ID: 848 2699 5978
Passcode: Quest2020

Kathie Billing has earned certifications as 240-hour Yoga Alliance teacher, cancer massage and Aquatic Arthritic. In addition, she holds certification in post-operative rehabilitation for breast cancer through the Pink Ribbon Program. Kathie aims to assist people in learning to embrace the connection of the mind, body and spirit through a gentle practice of yoga. Kathie’s lifestyle and mantra has been to integrate her yoga practice, physical activity and wholesome nutrition into her daily life. One of Kathie’s greatest teachers has been her journey to cancer survivorship and she whole-heartedly believes that if we ALL incorporate yoga and physical activity into our lifestyles we can live happier, healthier and more peacefully. 

She will also teach a Full Moon Restorative Yoga class on October 30th at 6pm. For this class you will need two blankets, a pillow, two blocks or a stack of books, and a strap or belt.