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Awakening Your Inner Voice with Rebecca Folsom

Join us for a free concert and discussion with Rebecca Folsom on October 22nd at 6pm (MDT). Sign up below!

Rebecca Folsom’s Story

Singer-songwriter Rebecca FolsomA past Women’s Quest staffer, Rebecca Folsom is a singer and songwriter who teaches Vocal Freedom Workshops. As a professional musician for 25+ years, Rebecca Folsom has toured nationally and internationally through the USA, UK, and Ireland. Performing in venues such as Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival, Nashville’s Opryland, Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater and New York’s Bitter End.

Rebecca is also an artist and poet. She has published two books of poetry and has a BFA in Fine Arts focused in painting and drawing. She has been teaching the Art of Vocal Freedom workshops for over 18 years. Through her extensive collective artistic experience she inspires and empowers others to shine a light into the shadows, move into authentic expression and action, and find joyful liberation.

Rebecca Folsom’s music is about liberation, cracking open hearts, inspiring hope, and leaving listeners with a deeper perspective. Rebecca’s world-class voice traverses a near-four-octave range.

“In different ways, each of the songs [on the album] illustrate how our belief in separation is impacting our world with devastating results, and how the fear that comes from those beliefs is clouding our ability to see the humanity in ourselves and in others. Through her writing, Rebecca invites us to take a step back, to bring love to the table and to come together in co-creating a better world through compassion, collaboration and inspired action.”

“What a voice…”

Rebecca Folsom’s music is all about love and the connection to our shared humanity. Her four-octave range dances from raw and powerful to sweetly tender, creating a deeply moving, edgy and elevated style. Her voice aims to the heart like a gentle bull’s eye, and cracks you open while filling you with hope. In short, her performances will “knock-you-to-your-knees.” (KUNC radio).
Singer-songwriter Rebecca Folsom

She has been singing, song-writing and touring for over 25 years; honing her craft on stages across the USA, the UK and Ireland. Her career highlights include sharing the stage with Lucinda Williams, numerous listings on the National Folk DJ chart and most recently collaborating with Grammy-award winning musicians on her newest album.
“Her songs hit like little earthquakes!” (Westword magazine). 

In her songs, she shares stories from her own life and from others’ lives, bringing to light the vulnerability and wisdom that we all share. Her words point like a compass into our deepest emotions, inviting us to find the courage to face our fears, embrace our dreams and choose to live our best life with loving-kindness as our guide.

Rebecca feels strongly that for humanity to thrive globally, the voices of all people must be heard. While writing her newest album, SANCTUARY, she reached out to established organizations representing marginalized communities.

She hosted The Art of Vocal Freedom workshops, guiding participants in the discovery and expression of their unique voices. The group then collaborated and helped craft songs for the album. These communities include, refugees, inmates, the aging, recovering addicts, as well as environmental leaders and people experiencing homelessness. Her dream for this project is that the music becomes an awakening force and a motivating catalyst that leads to solution-based action that has global impact.

Rebecca’s performance on this album will call to your soul and uplift your spirit. Before you know it you will be filled with inspiration for the steps to activating your own gifts and talents in service of healing and transforming our world.

Join the zoom here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84826995978

Passcode: Quest2020

Find Rebecca online!

Singer-songwriter Rebecca FolsomVisit Rebecca’s website here: http://rebeccafolsom.com/

Get Rebecca’s new single, Sanctuary: https://rebeccafolsom.hearnow.com/

Sanctuary is a song of facing into our trance of separation, healing the devastation created, and inspiring action to build a new dream of unity and human compassion.
Sanctuary is a song that offers visceral upliftment!

Buy Rebecca’s CD’s: http://rebeccafolsom.com/discography/
Sanctuary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9BeSEz5C_Q&feature=youtu.be
Extraordinary Days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt1Cuz-4gTs