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“All Things Change When We Do”

Women's Quest retreats reenergize happy molecules

“… All things change when we do” – Kukei

Dr. Seuss quote over a picture of women riding their bikesWhen you change your thoughts or feelings to excited, happy, fulfilled and peaceful ones, the people, places, and things around you change as well. Here are some tips to keep your Happy Molecules going strong through the seasonal transition time.

You can see why HOW YOU FEEL is really important. Wayne Dyer says: “Feeling good is what you should be doing every day of your life… By feeling good throughout the day, you become an instrument of peace.” Everything that comes to you is in direct relationship to this inner energy, so why not stop for five minutes and give yourself a reward for being you! This me-time does not need to be a week-long retreat or a day long seminar or anything out of the ordinary. Rather, find time in your ordinary day to do what you love or what makes you smile. 
A kayaker in the water in front of a lush forest

As Mary Oliver says, “Let the soft animal of the body love what it loves.” First thing in the morning, I invite the sun to fill my body as I breathe in the warm light. Sunlight and fresh air are health-giving and uplifting. And, they are completely free! Throughout the rest of your day, let yourself experience small indulgences that remind you that you are special.

They can change your focus instantly from blah to Yee-ha! A dab of rose oil on your heart chakra, whipped cream in your coffee, wildflowers for your bedside table (get them quick!), a glance at a photo of your loved ones, the Victory pose in the bathroom mirror — all are simple ways to invoke the inner smile.

Just as the squirrels gather their nuts, take time to gather your repertoire of ME-treats this month. By the time that winter rolls around, your good energy factory will be in full production. Not only will the vitality and serenity within yourself keep you healthy, but it will also rub off on those around you. A little selfishness can be the most generous act of all!

Want to totally reset your happy molecules? Consider joining us on an upcoming retreat!