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Yoga and Ayurvedic Workshop with Jenna and Amanda

Ayurvedic workshop leaders Jenna and Amanda

On Saturday, September 5th from 9-11am (MDT), come join the “Gypsy Goddesses of Bliss” Jenna and Amanda as they guide you through “navigating the seasonal changes” that we face as we transition from the summer (pitta) season into fall (vata) season. They will dive into the important role that teas can play in supporting you through this change, and teach you about some nourishing blends and recipes that you can make at home.

After our tea ceremony we will go into a bit of Ayurvedic principals that will help you transition into a thriving fall season. Then we will flow into a slow juicy Hatha based yoga class, focusing again on positions that help keep us grounded and clear minded during this seasonal transition.

Yoga and Ayurvedic Workshop Plan

Ayurvedic workshop leaders Jenna and AmandaThis class is catered toward transitioning into the fall / winter season and focuses on how Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and nourishment can help you with that transition. 

We will start with a tea ceremony lead by Jenna. She will go into detail about the importance of loose leaf tea and how to go about steeping it. If you can, please purchase the following herbs for the class: milky oats (avena sativa), rose hips (rosa canine), hawthorn berry (crataegus monogyne), cinnamon (stick or ground). If you can’t get a hold of these herbs in time, you can use a herbal tea of your choice for the ceremony. 

After the ceremony we will go into a lecture about some Ayurvedic tips for a smooth transition into the fall season. We can include some recipes for some fall dishes as well. Then we will go into a meditation followed by our yoga practice: simple poses, supportive of the transition into fall. The practice will probably be about 40-60 minutes. Need more yoga in your life? Consider joining us on an upcoming retreat!