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The Seed Doctor: Dr. Bradford Weeks


Join us on Thursday, September 3rd at 12pm (MDT) for a discussion with the Seed Doctor: Dr. Brad Weeks. Click here to join: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89599602629

“Survive and Thrive”

“To see things in the seed, that is genius.” – Lao Tzu (Founder of Taoism)

Have you ever met someone that was totally TAPPED IN, TURNED ON and TUNED IN at exactly the time you needed it? Lucky for me I found Dr. Weeks and his wife Laura right in the nick of time after I had broken my hip in a horse accident. After the accident, I was told by doctors to start working out when I had no pain. Well that is not something you tell a professional athlete. I thought my hip would just hang on for the ride and I could swim, bike, horseride and run and play like normal. I went surfing about 3 months after, and I knew that something was not right.
For the next six months, I was trying everything from physical therapy, laser treatments, acupuncture… the whole enchilada to help return to a PAIN FREE life. I was literally in pain 24/7.  Nothing was working — I was discouraged and sad that I could not run or ride my horses, and the doctors told me I needed a hip replacement. Luckily a friend introduced me to Dr. Brad Weeks: THE SEED DOCTOR, who taught me so much about inflammation and seeds. Did you know that SEEDS are the powerhouse of nutrition? Did you know that black cumin seed is 281 times stronger then aspirin gram for gram? I have learned so much and been on these SOUL SEEDS for 8 years and, yes, I am pain free! No hip replacement, no drugs, nothing but PURE, NATURAL, ORGANIC SEEDS! 
Join Dr. Weeks and his wife Laura as they take time out of their day to enlighten and teach us how to survive and thrive! We’ll cover topics including women’s health, wellness, vitality building, anti-aging, menopause, boosting your immune system naturally, weight-loss, enhancing your intellectual and physical performance, and, of course, managing our thought process (the part we all love). If you have any problems — like diabetes, cancer, RA, adrenal fatigue or just LOW ENERGY — join us for an hour of your time that will change your life forever!!

12pm (MDT) on Thursday, September 3rd: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89599602629

Who is Dr. Brad Weeks?

Medical Doctor, Nutritional Counselor, Alternative Health Advocate, Life Coach, Beekeeper, Organic Farmer and fortunate Husband and Father.

“After 25 years of holistic medical practice, I have learned that the supreme nutritional source of health and vitality is not this special diet or that newest fad, not this nutritional supplement or that super juice…  No.  The nutritional source of health and vitality is simple the source of life itself:  the SEED.  Organic plant seeds are the nutritional treasure chest wherein Nature stores the entire innate wisdom and genetic treasure chest and potentiated regenerative stem cells of the plant – perfectly preserved and protected and ready to reproduce the species.  Join the “Eat the Seed Revolution!” and learn how to regain your health and happiness.”   Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.   http://www.eattheseeds.com/

Dr. Weeks completed undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College (major: Political Philosophy) then, prior to medical school training at the University of Vermont, Dr. Weeks worked in the Harvard system doing two years of research at Massachusetts General Hospital’s mineral metabolism unit working on osteoporosis (calcium, magnesium and vitamin D). In addition, he studied nutrition (including macrobiotics with Mishio Kushi in Brookline, MA), acupuncture, massage (shiatsu), music therapy (Tomatis method, power of chant), Anthroposophical medicine and classical homeopathy. Medical school at the University of Vermont was followed by medical internship (1 year) and psychiatric residency at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (3 years). He is a specialist in psychiatry and developed the field of “corrective medicine and psychiatry” .

Dr. Weeks loves music and thinks of health in terms of musical metaphor – playing a musical instrument. In order to play an instrument well (to be healthy) one needs four factors 1) a well-built and well-maintained instrument, 2) a tuned instrument, 3) someone who loves playing the instrument and someone who has composed or can create de novo (improvise) a musical piece. Those four factors represent, respectively, 1) the physical body (the instrument), 2) the vibrational or etheric body (being tuned), 3) the soul’s delight in life (the joy of the musician) and 4) the birthright of all humans to participate in the spiritual act of creation of their life (the composer). For this reason, all protocol recommendations from Dr. Weeks are designed to correct imbalances in: 1) your biochemistry (physical body), 2) your vitality (energetic, vibrational, etheric body or “chi” ), 3) your emotional being (the soul) and 4) your self-esteem (your spirit). Dr. Weeks believes that all four of these “bodies” interweave and affect each other constantly. That said, he also believes that the predominant process is a trickle-down effect meaning that your spirit (thoughts, values and attitudes) affects your soul (feeling, attachments, urges) which in turn affects your vitality (sleep processes, growth and regeneration forces, stamina) which finally affects your physical body (substance and biochemical matter). Therefore, at the Weeks Clinic, we pay particular attention to the spirit since we consider that to be the best target for correcting illnesses or states of “dis-sease” . Therefore, you will note that each health challenge which we compose for you as described in your Corrective Protocol handout has four categories of intervention in order to strive for balance and integration of your four “bodies” . Those interventions include dietary changes, nutritional supplements and medicines for the physical body, energetic or vibrational homeopathic remedies for the etheric or energy body, exercises to develop will forces and the ability to visualize for soul strengthening and meditative or mastery of thought behavior for the spirit. Furthermore, Dr. Weeks does not see health as a goal sufficient unto itself, but rather as a means toward an end. He hopes you will wonder about what changes you will make in your life once you are healthier.

Who is Laura Weeks?
Laura Weeks is a business owner, wife of the medical pioneer Dr. Brad Weeks, mother of four lovely young adult daughters, avid organic gardener, yoga aficionado, international traveler, passionate home chef and lover of nutritious locally grown food.  She managed the business side of the medical clinic that she and Dr. Brad operated for more than twenty years while teaching patients about nutrition and healthy weight loss options.  She holds an MBA from Yale University and has worked professionally as a business and nutritional consultant and served on numerous local non-profit Board of Directors. For the past seven years she has built a global business creating partnerships and educating people about the health benefits of seed source nutrition along with the potential of developing e-commerce businesses to increase financial well-being.
I had a discussion with Dr. Weeks about athletic performance and what seeds I take. You can listen to that talk here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8eg90o3phcjn3wg/Performance%20%20QA.mp4?dl=0