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Wellness with Plants + Presence by Kathleen Lawler

My dear friend and WQ staff, Kathleen Lawler, is going to take us on a healing journey. It is called: Wellness for your body with plants and presence. Kathleen is a certified herbalist, massage therapist, and also does a Mayan technique for the belly called Arvigo Technique. It’s time to MEET and LOVE YOUR BELLY!!  We all have some issues with our bellies. Some want the belly to be smaller and fit into tight jeans, others just want their bellies to cooperate and digest food, but ALL OF US WANT TO LOVE & ACCEPT OUR BELLIES. The belly button in Qigong is our ORIGINAL CHI. So this is basically your place of ignition and and power. This is is a great time of year to tap into the BELLY and send it some love! This helps digestive, bladder, and reproductive organ health as well as has benefits to liver, gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas… everything!!