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Training, Wellness, and Longevity in Sports and Life with Dr. Phil Maffetone

Join the event and discussion with Dr. Phil Maffetone to launch our 8-week training program!

This month, we are launching the Running Quest Program and we are so lucky to have my very special mentor, coach, musician, and friend (who helped me become a World and National champion triathlete), Dr. Phil Maffetone, join us for a cutting edge discussion on Training, Wellness, and Longevity in Sports and Life this Thursday, August 6th at 12:30pm (MDT).  

Join us for a lunch break chat with the REAL Dr. Phil where we will discuss the MAF Method of training, Health vs. Fitness, anti-aging, preventing illness, increasing energy, and how music is the final frontier on healing our brains and our bodies
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from Dr. Phil Maffetone who has coached Ironman winners, Olympic athletes, and even Johnny Cash… OMG!
Phil is a pioneer in the field of biofeedback. He is an internationally-acclaimed author, having published more than 20 books including the first on heart-rate monitoring in the early 1980s, and the first on the benefits of barefoot running in the 1990s. Check out his website here: https://philmaffetone.com/
I met Dr. Phil Maffetone in 1985 when I was a budding professional triathlete. Triathlons in the early 80’s were a free-for-all — everyone was just starting out and we had no idea how to train. We were all training together in Southern California, pushing ourselves extremely hard all the time. I eventually got injured from overtraining, but luckily, my angels had a plan. 
I was attending a Nike Running Camp, but I was unable to coach due to my injury. Phil was also a guest speaker at the Nike Running Camp. We met, and he explained to me the idea of aerobic training, eating good fats, and staying healthy as well as fit — and the rest is history. 
I started working with Phil, and one month later, after not even working out or running for the last five months, I competed in the Nice World Championships and placed 2nd. I was hooked and totally believed in the Maffetone Method. The method was very unconventional, especially for an athlete that only went HARD all the time. Phil taught me to slow down and build my aerobic base, use a heart monitor, eat good healthy fats, go easy on the carbs, and so much more. 
My 10K time dropped on his program from 39 minutes to a consistent 34-35 min 10K in a triathlon. I won the World Championships, three National Titles, and the Coke Grand Prix USTS Series as well. All by slowing down, getting healthy, and having fun.

So what is the MAF Method? MAF stands for Maximum Aerobic Fitness. Rather than a technique, it is called an open system, which means that the focus is on balancing all of health and fitness that includes the physical, biochemical, and mental-emotional factors. Any other approach can be used with MAF as long as one maintains a balance of health and fitness and can objectively demonstrate that. This might include the elimination of symptoms, improving athletic performance, reducing body fat, normal blood, hormone and other tests, etc. etc. We will also discuss the MAF Test. 
Read more about the MAF Method here: https://philmaffetone.com/method/
Get Phil’s free ebook here: https://philmaffetone.com/method/maf-ebook/
Also, read more about MAF in one of the biggest physiology journals out there: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fphys.2020.00296/full
The other important aspects of our 8-week program surround Phil’s idea of being healthy as well as fit, how to age gracefully or not age at all, and how to prevent illness and increase energy. See you there! 

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