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Join the 10-Week Training Program: the Movement Quest!

The past few months have been extremely hard on everyone, especially because it has kept us from moving our bodies. We decided to launch the Movement Quest to help keep us motivated to play and get outside in nature during this time. Sign up below!

Did you know that sitting is the new smoking? Due to the lockdown, we have all been forced inside, races and events have been cancelled, and everything fun has come to a halt. But don’t despair! We are MOVERS AND SHAKERS at Women’s Quest, so we came up with a virtual 2-month training program that will run from August 16th to October 25th, and this training program is for anyone and everyone!
Designed for all ages, ability levels, types of movers, we are training for:

  • 5K walk / run / bounce
  • 10K walk / run / bounce
  • Hike (any type, short to epic)
  • Cycling, mountain or road
  • Triathlon short course
  • Marathon

We have it all, you choose! We realized that everyone wants to move on some level, but they may be intimidated or not know where to begin. We have created this program to help you! Whether you are older and have achy joints or younger and have the iPhone disease, we have a program that you will enjoy! As the quote goes: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” It is time to be stronger than your excuses and start moving and feeling good. There is no pressure — this program is solely fun, affordable, doable, and you can thank us later!

In this program, we will have weekly training sessions with inspirational world class athlete coaches, training partners, a tracking platform where you can record your training, weekly motivation and videos, meditation and mindfulness practices, mental training for peak performance, band matrix and booty buster exercises, foundation training, nutritional guidance, drills, skills, and much more. It is easy, simple, effective and fun!
Join us on Monday, August 10th at 6pm (MDT) for an introduction to the Movement Quest and learn that you — yes, you! — can do it! Whether you are a first-timer or have been running and exercising your whole life, this is the ideal program to build your health and fitness. Share this with your friends — the more the merrier!



The Movement Quest:


August 16th to October 25th

How much?

$200, or $100 for Quest members (discount code in Quest portal)
Click here to join the Quest, which empowers you with the tools, content, and support to create a more sustainable, happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle of wellness from the inside out. 

End goal?

Pick from the groups below — there is something for everyone!

  • 5K walk / run / bounce
  • 10K walk / run / bounce
  • Hike (any type, short to epic)
  • Cycling, mountain or road
  • Triathlon short course
  • Marathon

What can I expect?

  • 8 weeks of knowledge, fun, and laughter 
  • Weekly (recorded) calls
  • Training platform and forum to share your workouts, times, and distances
  • Training sessions and challenges with physical, mental, and spirit-filled practices
  • Events and discussions with world class athletes and speakers to inspire you
  • Training buddies for friendship and accountability 

What topics will we cover? 

We will get together every sunday at 12pm (MDT) to go over:

  • Nutrition for improved performance, including how to turn on the fat burning system
  • Running drills with Tabor Scholl
  • Biomechanics to run effortlessly and efficiently 
  • Heart Monitor Training
  • How to buy gear: the correct shoes, bikes, bike shorts, etc. 
  • Band matrix and booty busters 
  • Mental practices for peak performance
  • Breathing and meditation techniques 
  • Foundation training and activation with Vicki Hunter 
  • Stories and tips from Olympic Champion Lorraine Moller
  • Yoga for increased vitality
  • Qigong for athletic longevity

*all calls are recorded for you to watch anytime*

Who are my coaches?

Colleen Cannon, guiding the beginner running/walking groups: 

  • World Champion Triathlete
  • 3-time National Triathlon Champion
  • Ran track at Auburn, 800 and 1500 meters 

Jacqueline Stanford, guiding the epic hikers: 

  • Professional Triathlete
  • Canadian National Kayak Team
  • Competed in the first women’s Tour de France
  • Cycled across America many times 

Tabor Scholl, guiding the advanced running/walking groups:

  • Won two professional cycling races
  • College:
    • 2019 Indoor All-American- Mile
    • 2018 XC All-American for University of Colorado – 15th place
    • Indoor Women’s Distance Medley NCAA National Champion
    • 2018 NCAA Women’s XC National Champion
    • University of Colorado Record Holder (DMR)
    • 2-time NCAA West Regional Qualifier (5k, 10k)

Steph Scholl will guide the intermediate running/hiking groups
Vicki Hunter will guide marathoners
Lynn Fagerstrom will guide the cyclists
Elizabeth Jones will guide the triathletes

So, what do you think?!