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Pairing Yoga with Writing Brings Forth Inspiration! Sign up below!


Long have we integrated the benefits of our yogic practice into our being and left the mat feeling both at peace and inspired. Our practice allows us to tap into our deepest self and access our subconscious in powerful ways. That yogi buzz often floats with us throughout the day or into our sleep. How often have you tapped into that yogic high and applied it to creating?
Yoga provides a pathway to tap into our creative potential allowing creative expression to flow freely and without judgement. Just as yoga often is, writing can be a vulnerable practice. Combining these two practices and embracing our vulnerability has been proven to bring about eternal springs of untethered creativity.

Join Women’s Quest and Terri Steel, on Saturday, July 11th from 9am to 11am MDT for a vibrant and restorative Writing, Yoga, and Inspiration Workshop!

Terri is a published writer and yogini who attended her first Women’s Quest Retreat in 2007. That fall she shared a magical trip to Vermont with like-minded women and created her first vision board, which featured a book (for herself) and a red-carpet event (for her oldest daughter). Both of these visions were accomplished thanks to the manifestation of her dreams. Having completed her MFA in Creative Writing in 2016 and her 200 HR Yoga Certification in 2012, she is now working on her first fiction novel. Her publications include National Geographic, The Baltimore Fishbowl, Boating Times Magazine, Baltimore Style and others. 


In this upcoming workshop, Terri will take us on a journey to journaling to joy. We will begin with a 30-minute yoga and breath-work session to open up our hearts and set our intentions. Then, for the next 90 minutes, Terri will lead us on a writing journey that seeks to explore hidden memories and our own secret joys we may have forgotten along the way. We will journal and then share some of our work with readings, and Terri will share one of her own that led to a published essay. You can learn more about Terri by visiting her website: https://terristeel.com/

This is a two-hour playful yoga and writing experience for those who call themselves a writer/yogini and for those that do not. All you need to join in is an open heart and open mind!

Let’s Play!!