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Right now, the world feels pretty chaotic, scary, and unjust. Now more than ever, we must turn to love — loving each other, loving ourselves, loving universally. We ground our Women’s Quest community in love and gratitude, and we hope that you can find a tribe of like-minded people here with us.
To deep dive into these concepts of love and going inward, on June 11th at 6pm MDT we are hosting The Power of Soul Prayer Power and Unconditional Love with Agapi Stassinopoulos, a virtual heart to heart on Zoom featuring an uplifting discussion and meditation.
With her name literally meaning universal/unconditional love in Greek, Agapi is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who inspires audiences around the world. In her meditations and speeches, she preaches the power of love and letting go of fear, explains how we can connect with our inner and most sacred selves, and empowers others to create the lives they want.
“Even when things look like they are not working out, it is essential to trust that life is for us, and trust that we are not alone, and that there is a plan for us all.” 

Looking Inward with Agapi 

In an article she wrote for Thrive Global called “Right Now, We’re All Asked to Go Deeper,” Agapi explains how we must look inward and go deeper during this turbulent time to shift our perspective. Our inner shadows must be addressed if we want to make a greater change in this world. Agapi reminds us to stay present, live fully in the moment, and not give in to fear. She writes: “So dare to step into what we call the unknown, and realize that in this present moment the unknown can become known in an instant, and that it is not our enemy and can be an opportunity to serve our own awakening.” Though the state of the world can feel overwhelming, now is a chance to turn inwards and go deeper. Find the inner self that knows love, compassion, and peace and let that lead us.
Read her full article at: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/right-now-were-all-asked-to-go-deeper/

She ends the article with a beautiful poem she wrote:

Loving All Parts of You

Love that part of you that feels disturbed and out of balance

Love that part that feels so fearful

Love that part that feels out of control

Love that part that is upset and insecure with the unknown

Love that part that worries

Love that part that’s trying to do its best and feels it’s never good enough

Love that part the needs the love

Love that part that feels so lonely

Love that part that feels untethered

Love that part that feels so uninspired and lacking motivation

Love that part that feels it should be doing more to help the others that feel the same

Love that part that needs a break

Love that part that wants to play, and sing, and dance, and feel the joy

Love that part that wants things to work out in a much better way

Love that part when others don’t love you in the way you think they should

Love that part that is so human

And let that love reach out to your belly and reach out to your feet

And fill you to capacity so you will feel you’re walking on solid ground

Not because things have changed, but because you have changed the conditions of your life into LOVE.

Enjoy These Five Uplifting Meditations by Agapi:

To delve even deeper into these ideas and the power of love, join us on June 11th at 6pm MDT for Prayer Power & Unconditional Love with Agapi Stassinopoulos. 
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Find Agapi online at wakeuptothejoyofyou.com.
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