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Nicole & Colleen: Soul Sisters From The Start.

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE…Those are my three words that describe Nicole DeBoom. But I have to add one more: Full Throttle, because Nicole is turbo boosted all day, every day.
It is rare for me to find someone that loves to do everything I love to do, for as long as I want to do it, no whining at all, only laughing allowed! Nicole is always up for an adventure. She does everything with a smile on her face and with the most positive attitude. She is up for nordic skate skiing with straight uphill, surfing huge waves in Costa Rica or mountain biking on epic trails for hours and hours. Who does this, who is this person?! I thought I was the only person with this much energy, until I met Nicole!!
I met Nicole when I was a professional triathlete. Nicole won her first Ironman the year I was retiring from the sport. I think that was a good thing because if we were to race against each other we would have spent the entire race laughing. We are basically small kids trapped in adult bodies.
Nicole is super down to earth, speaks her brilliant mind and is so real and authentic. She runs her business and her non-profit called Running Start with a wide open heart, fearless, and always finding more and different ways to help humanity!