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Every December there is a “push me – pull you” tug of emotions going on in my mind. I am supposed to be full of cheer, love and De-Light but I find myself caught in the downward spiral of the GRINCHNESS..
My way of dealing with December and the Holy-DAZE is to write down simple things I BELIEVE IN because as I read them for some reason it lightens up my spirits.
It is gratifying to do this simple BELIEVE practice because it can serve as a reminder to who YOU REALLY ARE!!..This is what you believe.. not anyone else. It is a CREED or manifesto of sorts that is a really unique way to celebrate YOU. If you are ever sad or upset with the way things are going in the world you can always pull out your CREED and remember…. What you Believe in and SMILE.
I Believe in:
I believe in Magic and Miracles and the GREAT MYSTERY of GOD
I believe that we can all change the world one step, smile, gesture, or intention at a time.
I believe in LOVE of course and the healing power of sending loving thoughts, blessing your body with self love and putting blessing pads on your shoes before you go out and run.
I put my imaginary blessing pads on my shoes each day before every run so that the earth can feel a little love massage
I believe in angels and fairies for real.
My husband is a real angel.. seriously.. a real angel and anyone who has ever met him thinks so as well..
I believe in the power of the smile.
When you smile you open your central channel from the top of your head all the way down. This great love beam comes into your body like an avalanche of Grace that sweeps though your system and heals everything.
I believe in Laughter not only as the best medicine but as the best way to strengthen your tummy muscles
I believe in giving and getting praises.
So please give children, pets, parents, all humans, trees and rocks.. Give everything a little praise.
When I am sad I give my husband the top 10 praises to say to me to uplift my spirits.
He will say things like
You are the Best
You are the strongest
You are the skinniest..etc etc
I believe it is super fun to surf and catch waves but it is even more fun to have your own personal surf shaman to pick out your waves and push you into waves so you don’t get munched…
I believe that chocolate is really good for you and my neighbor Becky makes a really great gluten free chocolate banana bread that is awesome. AND I believe it is good for me
I believe that riding horses is the VERY BEST MEDITATION on earth and a great way to align with the divine. By the way I believe in unicorns as well cus my horse is one
I believe in friendships and strong bonds that can carry you through any sickness, foreclosures or sadness
I believe that having a running buddy is better then therapy
I believe that water (frozen or fluid) is FUN..
You can ski, surf, swim, paddle, snowbaord, skate, skid, waterski, sail, SUP What a blast!
I believe there is really No Right or Wrong in anything. It is just perspective and personal opinion. So why waste time arguing about it.
I believe it is a waste of time and life force to worry about things or outcomes. You do what you can and do your best about a situation and then… Let Go!
I believe in so many things but I really believe in the power of thoughts. I put YES stickers all around me. I don’t even know what I am saying YES about but I like it.
When I was a professional triathlete I used to put YES on my handlebars just to make me happy while riding.
I believe where the mind goes.. energy flows
I believe (and so does Wayne Dyer and Abraham) that Feeling Good is REALLY the most Important thing…
So do what it takes right now… to feel good!!
Sing, Dance, light a candle, take a bath, get outside, hug a tree, hold a hand, pet an animal, breath some air..
I believe that Anything is Possible…
Adian Watson age 10 said..”Don’t say it’s impossible. In an infinite universe anything is possible.”
I really really believe that Everything ALWAYS works out for the BEST
When one door closes not only do many windows and other more wonderful doors open for you but you get to see a new viewpoint and have a new adventures.