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Jacqueline is a true “wild woman of the West” and her love of life and enthusiasm is catching. With her, you can do anything.  She started potting about 20 years ago and loves it more every day. Check out her pottery at: www.jacquelinestanford.com/
Necklaces by Lynn Fagerstrom
Lynn is our newest member to the Women’s Quest staff. She currently works at REI as a bike technician, GURU Master fit specialist, as a Service Writer, assessing ski and bike work for customer work estimates and teaches bike maintenance classes. We love having her alongside our cycling retreats where she patiently helps people find the right GEAR (to stay warm, or by learning how to shift correctly). www.JaKaLDesigns.com
Many of you may remember about 5 years ago when Colleen was gimping around after she broke her pelvis in a horse accident. Brenna Backe brought her back to life and the Strong Balance class was a huge part of that transformation.
Lengthen your spine, strengthen your core, improve your balance, open your hips, and get a whole-body workout that leaves you standing taller and feeling stronger. Class includes mobility and stretching exercises combined with functional and dynamic strength moves to increase coordination, agility, and overall power. Specific exercises are used to correct common postural deficiencies to help relieve pain or stiffness in the neck, back, and knees.
Here is a link to the video purchase: https://strongbalanceclass.com/shop/
The Running Wizard
Lorraine Moller, 4 Time Olympian in the marathon and long time staff member is the head of the Lydiard Foundation. Give the Gift of Health this Holiday with a training program designed just for YOU!
Lydiard is the most sophisticated training method ever developed and the most widely used system worldwide by both recreational runners and champions.
You can sign up here: http://www.runningwizard.com/?assoc=WOMENSQUEST
Skirt Sports,  TODAY Dec 18th you get 20% off using the code HURRY20 at checkout. Visit: https://www.skirtsports.com/
Nicole DeBoom is a modern day WONDER WOMAN! She invented the running skirt, raises her beautiful daughter with her husband, runs her own business, helps many non-profits, and is helping spread good vibes and information with her podcasts.
check out Nicole’s podcasts here:
Women’s Quest Gift Certificates are also available for your friends and loved ones.  Call or email Colleen at Colleen@womensquest.com or 303.545.9295 to get yours today!