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The stars align this holiday season to test your sense of inner balance and peace of mind. There is much chaos and shifting of energies on the planet these days and no doubt you might be feeling your own anxiety levels soaring into zones that can feel quite unmanageable.
Heightened anxiety is to be expected in times of great shifts in consciousness and it can be quite soothing to know that you are not going crazy! You are trying to adjust to frequencies of energy that are quite new, frequencies that can be quite challenging! Not so easy to maintain even in the easiest of times, 2017 has challenged us all to bring out all the tools from our consciousness toolbox.
I’ve honed the tools down to 4 must-dos to help you navigate the rocky seas of our times and deliver you safely to your inner space of peace and harmony – your divine home.
1. For your physical body: keep your body moving and fed healthy, fresh foods. Drink LOTS of water.
2. For your mental body: know there is no right or wrong, good or bad, there is only expansion and contraction. Notice where you contract in fear and self-judgement and where you expand in loving and accepting yourself. Choose to love yourself through any and all of the expressions of yourself.
The biggest frequency/consciousness shift we are experiencing today is about moving from a mindset that says something you are witnessing or experiencing is either right or wrong, either good or bad, that you are either good or bad or that you are creating or experiencing good or bad karma. Astrology teaches us that these polarities are learned concepts but not correct concepts. What’s really going on is that you are either in a state of contraction or in a state of expansion or in a state of complete neutrality. You are either expanding with love and self-acceptance and non-judgment, contracting in fear, criticism, and separation, or ideally, you are in a state of complete neutrality. Neutrality is a very high vibration state like you feel when you are in meditation and is pretty hard to maintain as you navigate the highs and lows of your daily experiences.
3. For your spiritual body: meditate every day. Even a short meditation like my 9-minute chakra clearing meditation re-sets your system to neutral, nurturing your connection to all that is.
Meditation sets your consciousness to neutral to show you that you can indeed attain a neutral emotional state but, as we can all attest to, neutrality is a very hard state to maintain! The more you are aware that your emotional states of expansion and contraction are a natural expression of what you have been programmed to experience, the more empowered you become to experience your life through the lens of your own choosing. And how freeing is that!
4. For your emotional body: get an astrology reading!
Learning your astrology chart, the map of your soul’s contract that shows you what you have come to learn this lifetime and all the gifts you have to assist you in navigating your journey, the more you come to appreciate your own unique path and the perfection of your own experience. Astrology helps you to love yourself and as you love yourself you heal and as you heal yourself you heal the planet. You are needed in your full shining light at this time like never before. You need to know how important and vital is your unique energy in the massive shift of consciousness going on right here, right now!
Cindy Morris, msw is a psychotherapist, astrological counselor/coach and author. Her good humor and positive, upbeat support will have you loving and appreciating yourself more and more with each session.
Schedule your personal astrological reading with Cindy, check out her 9-minute chakra clearing meditation, and other tools for navigating these wild times at http://starryblessingsastrology.com
YouTube astro updates at http://youtube.com/starryblessings (beginning December 4)