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Costa Rica holds a warm place in my heart. The whole country has a very special essence about it which the locals call Pura Vida or PURE LIFE! I call it Pure Life Force!
Every time I lead our Women’s Quest Surf and Yoga Retreat, I come back supercharged and filled to the brim with energy. National Geographic magazine just called it one of the most joyful places on the planet so the word is getting out. Here are some of the ways that Costa Rica resets and re-boots my whole Body, Mind and Spirit!
*Getting back to NATURE! The country is the perfect mix of sunshine, stars, warm ocean, huge blue butterflies, turtles-whales-dolphins, colorful singing birds, and lush tropical fruits.
*Walking barefoot for a week (no Shoes allowed!!) This is one of the best things you can do for healing as it reconnects you to grounding earth energy.
*Waking to birds singing and monkeys cheering at sunrise
*Eating tropical fruits filled with pure sunshine energy. Enjoying Fresh Fruit Smoothies 3 times a day and MY TOTAL FAVORITE IS A FRESH COLD COCONUT WATER after surfing!!
*Swimming and surfing in the clear blue WARM ocean. We are so fortunate to be able to learn to surf with the best instructors in Costa Rica. We are the only Surf and Yoga retreat that has one instructor for every 2 women PLUS we have a surf video analysis mid week. We have a 100% success rate for teaching all ages, ability levels and sizes how to surf safely.
*Walking along the pristine white beaches of Costa Rica which Forbes calls the Top Ten Beaches in the World all while finding amazing shells
*Tico Friendly – Ever since the first time I visited over 30 years ago I have been constantly amazed at how friendly and welcoming all the locals are with big smiles and warm hearts.
*Yoga with Nancy Goodfellow in a yoga shala overlooking the ocean. Nancy’s Yoga and Meditation are the perfect mix of strengthening and restoring postures to open your heart and infuse it with possibility.
(for me.. it may be possible that I touch my toes someday)
* Canopy zip line above the jungle to set your spirit free
*Riding horses on the beach. There is really nothing like riding a horse on the long white beaches of Costa Rica. My favorite memory is cantering my horse on the beach holding my arms out like I was surfing..
*Falling asleep with the sound of waves. The oceans energy is right out our Villa’s and sometimes we wake up to turtles that have just laid eggs.