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Ahh late summer in Vermont, cool nights, crisp warm days….and time for harvesting.
We wait all year to be able to harvest from our short growing season. Those few months where we get food from our yard or local farmers and neighbors instead of food shipped from thousands of miles away.
Roadside produce stands dot the back dirt roads. Corn, zucchini, tomatoes with Mason jars to collect the money on the honor system.
As the sun peaks over the mountain I step outside in dew soaked grass to collect blueberries and blackberries for breakfast. Lunch brings orange and red hued cherry tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cukes and basil for salads.
We have hordes of crab apples this year red and tart. We make crab apple sauce and syrup as well. We trade some for cucumbers to make dill pickles. Neighbors trade with whatever they have to offer…garlic, plums, and even kiwis! We have a joke about locking your car so you don’t end up with a giant zucchini in it.
Black and red currants have been harvested and made into syrups for drinks. A local farmer sells black currant snow cones at the farmers market, which are not to be missed.
Tonight may bring fresh pesto, something with tomatoes and a blueberry galette for dessert.
I treasure this time of year with postcard perfect days. As we head toward Autumn with the animal instinct in me, I gather what I can to store for the cold months ahead.
I appreciate all my friends and farmers, happy for all the treasures we have to share.
Carol Sullivan is a professional photographer and Women’s Quest staff Wonder Woman at the Vermont Adventure Retreat. She lives in Vermont with her husband Rob Sleamaker who is the owner and founder of the Vasa Trainer. They have two amazing children and live the wonderful Vermont life!!