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Iris Kirby House Visit by Women’s Quest Sisters

Women's Quest Newfoundland retreat group volunteering

Women’s Quest service opportunities

In July, after two years of closed borders due to COVID, the Iris Kirby House welcomed the Women’s Quest Newfoundland retreat group made up of 20 women and leader Jaqueline Stanford. The beauty and adventures of St. John’s, Gander, Exploits Island and Gros Morne National Park did not disappoint. From hiking, to kayaking, to catching and eating fresh cod, many great memories were made.

In addition to providing an amazing vacation adventure, Women’s Quest offers an opportunity to be in service. 

In Patagonia, Questers helped to plant trees. In Peru, a group of children at their orphanage create a meal and provide a tour for our visits. And in Bhutan, special needs adults and children gave a tour, performed and offered unique handmade mementos for sale.

The Iris Kirby House

Iris Kirby house logo

The Iris Kirby House in St. John’s opened in 1981 to provide shelter and a safe haven for women and children who are experiencing domestic violence. Violence can take many forms such as emotional, physical, psychological, sexual or financial. The Women’s Quest vacationing volunteers took a morning out of their activities to brighten the world for these women and children.

With paint and supplies provided by the Iris Kirby House board of directors, the multi-purpose room and the hallway leading to the room were transformed. Plain white walls came alive with Sea Mist green. Wall art stickers of flowers, butterflies and inspiring sayings completed the remodel.

For a few hours of work and a few dollars of contribution, the Women’s Quest adventurers gave a priceless gift to a community of women they have never met. They left St. John’s with a fewpaint splatters, a couple of sore muscles and a heart filled with gratitude for being able to make a difference.

When one woman helps another, we all benefit. Thank you to the Iris Kirby House for giving us the opportunity to be of service AND learn more about Newfoundland.