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Women’s Quest holiday shopping extravaganza to benefit women-owned businesses worldwide!

Join us on Saturday, December 5th at 9am (MDT) for an intimate and immersive Holiday Shopping Extravaganza benefitting women-owned businesses. Women’s Quest will take you on a shopping journey from Canada to Peru with our staff and great friends from around the globe. We will visit two women who are creative masters of their trade all the way from Canada to Peru.

Jacqueline Stanford Pottery

Jacqueline Stanford pottery

First, we’ll meet up with Jacqueline Stanford in her garden pottery studio. Jacqueline has been creating magically exquisite pottery for over 20 years. Her highly coveted Women’s Quest mugs are a must for each retreat. On this special day, she will have fruit and nesting bowls, custom dinnerware sets made to order, platters, mugs, and holiday ornaments right from the center of Vancouver, Canada. Jax’s vibrant energy is contagious and her pottery is magnificent. Get your very own personalized pottery to cherish for the rest of your life.

Check out Jax’s website here: http://www.jacquelinestanford.com/

Sonja and Jorge’s Peruvian Weavings

Sonja and Jorge's Peruvian Weavings

From Canada, we will head to the high Andean mountains of Peru to shop the textiles in Chinchero and silver jewelry from Cusco. First, we will visit Sonja and her son Jorge. Jorge has been a Women’s Quest guide for over 10 years, and each time we visit Peru, we are invited to their house for a traditional lunch, which is the best meal EVER. Sonja and her family have been keeping the traditional weavings alive, and these styles have been handed down for many, many generations. We will have the chance to go inside their Peruvian household and see their beautiful, simple way of life and learn about their culture, including what they eat and how they create the beautiful weavings and textiles.  Choose from hats, bags, purses, table runners, shawls, ponchos and more. Plus, these are different weavers in Peru than we have seen before, so there will be different products available.

Mercedes’ Jewelry

Mercedes' Jewelry

The grand finale is with Mercedes from Cusco, Peru and her incredible jewelry. Mercedes started selling jewelry from a very young age on the streets of Cusco. Her father was a craftsman and stone sculptor which inspired her to follow in his footsteps in the art of designing but this time in silver and jewelry. About 23 years ago she decided to open her own workshop alongside her brothers Vicente and Alfredo who are skilled craftsmen, art that they also inherited from their father.
Back in 1997, they finally opened their jewelry workshop which is until now their family business. During her tours through the picturesque streets of Cusco, Mercedes met many people from different corners of the world, people who came in search of mystical experiences, they were very special people and that would be engraved in the spirit of Mercedes who decided to start creating jewelry with spirit and purpose that enrich the mystical experiences of those visitors.

Mercedes' Jewelry

Working with silver and crystals, together with precious and semi-precious stones from Peru, Mercedes has created and continues to create unique pieces of mystical jewelry. Her work is highly appreciated in various parts of the world by people who knew her and acquired her valuable jewelry,
Check out Mercedes’ website here: https://mercedesspiritualjewelry.com/

These are all women-owned and operated businesses from their homes and this holiday shopping extravaganza is a lovely way to show your support for women worldwide.