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Discussion with Nicole DeBoom

Join us on Thursday, November 19th at 5:30pm (MDT) to get up close and personal with positivity-guru Nicole DeBoom!

Nicole DeBoom is not only my soul sister, but she is also Yale-educated, an Ironman Champion, the Skirt Sports founder, the creator of Run This World Podcast, a Super Mom, a talented athlete, surfer, nordic skier and just the most fun, wild woman extraordinaire EVER! We can laugh for hours about the silliest things, and her lightheartedness and ability to make everything fun (even getting pounded by waves) is one of her best qualities.

I am so inspired by Nicole as she finds herself in transition like most of us right now. Nicole just sold her fantastic company, Skirt Sports, which she founded in 2004 when she came up with the brilliant idea of training and racing in a skirt. She has always been on the cutting edge of awesome and is now riding the wave of WONDER. Most triathletes are good at fast transitions, but right now, Nicole is choosing to slow things down, gain perspective, follow her bliss, and ponder what her next adventure is going to be. Wondering what to do next? Curious about what inspires and sparks Nicole’s soul? Join us for this amazing discussion!

Nicole reminds me of this quote by the Sufi poet Rumi: “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

She may even give us a few tricks and lessons for the surfboard! Nicole has come to several of the WQ surf and yoga retreats. We have a great retreat planned in Costa Rica coming up from January 31 to February 6th. For two weeks only, we are offering $250 off the 2021 price using promo code: SURF2021!

Nicole DeBoom’s story:

Nicole is a former pro athlete turned entrepreneur turned mom at 40. She has enjoyed great successes and great despair, but it’s what she has learned on her journey that can help you most. We can all do great things in this world; sometimes we just get stuck along the way. Nicole’s passion is to encourage and inspire others to discover their paths and move their lives forward. She speaks at women’s functions, health & fitness events, colleges, sports teams, entrepreneurial conferences and more. Anyone seeking direction in their own lives will be inspired and motivated by her message.

Find Nicole’s website here.

“When my body is fit and strong, my mind is fitter and stronger too” – Nicole DeBoom

The story of Skirt Sports:

Nicole DeBoom

“In 2003, on a training run in Lyons, Colorado, I glimpsed my reflection in a storefront window and I had three thoughts. 1) I look like a boy in my ill-fitting men’s clothing, 2) I am totally uninspired, and 3) I just want to feel pretty. Is that so horrible?!

I cut my run short that day, ran home and started scribbling notes for what would later become Skirt Sports. I decided that I would turn the women’s fitness clothing market upside down and create something that had never been done before: a running skirt. My goal was to inspire and motivate myself and other women who couldn’t find what they wanted in the market. I wore a prototype of the first ever running skirt during the 26.2 mile marathon at the end of the 2004 Ironman Wisconsin – and won the race! As I crossed the line, I knew that I was going to do it. I was going to start a clothing company and help inspire other women to get out the door too.

I founded Skirt Sports three days later, on September 15, 2004, with the goal of helping women find strength, power and happiness through running. Today Skirt Sports has expanded from its initial running skirt to a full line of inspirational women’s fitness apparel sold in hundreds of stores across the US and throughout the world as well as a huge focus on events as the main driving force for women to move their lives forward.”

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