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Hitting the Road July 25 – 30 and August 1 – 8, 2020

Road trips are one of our absolute favorite ways to explore this incredibly majestic planet! Whether on a bicycle, motorbike, or in a car, hitting the open road and clocking miles with vistas galore, music, and friends always soothes the soul.

Over the last few years, US travelers have begun venturing beyond their borders. It has been an incredible opportunity to explore new cultures, landscapes, and discover new parts of ourselves. But traveling domestically can offer the same benefits as well as the opportunity to reshape our views of home. The United States is filled with diverse cultures, landscapes, and hidden wonders to discover. In the age of COVID, we are finding our route back to the road and reconnecting with domestic adventures.

Wanderlust has been tugging at our soles and souls, beckoning us to explore safely and respectfully and QUEST CARAVAN has emerged to heed the call. We are thrilled to announce that we will be launching a BRAND NEW TRIP this summer that takes us through the wonders of the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier! Three National Parks and the open road. Ah… doesn’t that thought just bring peace to your soul?
We love QUEST CARAVAN for all of the incredible places we will explore, the ways we will do it, and the flexibility it allows Questers for traveling comfortably during this time. With the option to reach the meeting point via a road trip of your own, transport between destinations being limited to the people you are traveling with, and accommodations in the great outdoors, this is the perfect trip for those seeking an organized adventure with friends.
Let’s hit the road ladies : )

Now accepting pre-launch interest sign ups! If this post made your soul sing and pulled at your heartstrings, SIGN UP HERE so that we can save you a spot once the trip goes live.
*By signing up, you are not under obligation to attend. This is just you letting us know, “I WANT TO WANDER!”