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Here is a note from Chicca, and scroll down to register for Taste of Tuscany on June 13th at 11am(MDT)!

After these two crazy months when the world has turned upside down, Italy is slowly coming alive, hoping to welcome tourism this summer. We are still taking our time for re-opening, and we would rather wait to find the best precautions to keep customers both safe and satisfied.
Over the past month, as we are missing people cooking together in our kitchen, we started a new online adventure. We offered several virtual cooking classes LIVE from Tuscany to bring delicious food experiences right to your home.
We enjoyed it very much as we were able to connect with friends across the ocean and make new virtual friends. We loved it and we’ll keep doing it for the next few months!
We also teamed up with Colleen and hosted Taste of Tuscany for a private group. We made a virtual trip to Tuscany through food, wine, and extra virgin olive oil. During three different times, via Zoom, we cooked together, we toured a winery and an olive farm, pairing wine and extra virgin olive oil with simple recipes from my repertoire. I also shared a great recipe of a traditional olive oil cake from Florence! We shipped to the participants a box from Tuscany with a bottle of wine, a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and a REAL copy of my cookbook!
It was a great way to bring the flavors of Tuscany right to Americans homes! And we hope that when it will be possible and safe, y’all come back to Tuscany for a big hug! For now, let’s keep cooking together, which is for me always the best way to show your love to others and yourself in good and hard times.

This class is being offered for free for anyone who registers. If you love the experience, there will be an opportunity to make a donation and receive a digital copy of Chicca’s cookbook. This is the link to Paypal https://www.paypal.me/ChiccaMaione

Grazie millee!
– Chicca

Register for Taste of Tuscany here: