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I always have loved cupcakes, so when I went to my cousins house and found out that her daughter had just had a birthday party where she organized and created a bake off and cupcake contest for her friends, I was filled with joy and amazement. I was so intrigued that an eleven year old could put together something so seamless, so I asked her to share how she got started and became the Cupcake Queen

Here is the schedule for her birthday party that she created by herself — no parents helped! This just goes to show you that kids rule!


2:00-2:10 Guests Arrive 
2:10-2:20 Explain Contest Rules
2:20-2:50 Make Cupcake Batter
2:50-3:35 Crafts And Snacks
3:35-4:05 Decorate Cupcakes 
4:05-4:30 Judging And Prizes
4:30-5:00 Taste Everyone’s cupcake
Here’s an interview with the Cupcake Queen herself, Hava, who is the daughter of Quester and Cousin Ruth Ann. FYI: this is all in her own words!

1) How did you start being the cupcake Queen? 

I started baking a couple years ago and recently got really into making cupcakes. They are so fun and customizable. You can’t help but smile when someone walks into a room with cupcakes.

2) How did you create your birthday party and can you do virtual birthday cupcake parties for other girls?

I have always done something fun and creative for my birthday parties. Since I love watching baking shows, especially Netflix’s “Sugar Rush”, I decided to do a bake off birthday party. Here’s how the party went: everyone split into teams of two and got a cake batter and frosting at their station. We had half an hour to add mix-ins into our cake batters and put them into the cupcake liners. While the cupcakes were baking and cooling, we decorated cake boxes. Then, we had half an hour to add mix-ins into our frosting and decorate the cupcakes. If you want to throw your own (virtual) cupcake party, have everyone make cupcakes before the party, then at the party, you can decorate them together! If you want to take it a step farther, you can drop off a “party in a box” at each guest’s house, with candy and frosting for decorating! 

3) What is your favorite cupcake?

My favorite cupcake inspirations come from watching baking shows, looking at Pinterest, thinking about your favorite flavors, and looking at what some of your favorite bakers are doing. Some bakers who inspire me are Candace Nelson, Amirah Kassem, Gemma Stanford, and others. I also love making other desserts like cakes, macarons, bread, and brownies. I share all my favorite recipes on my blog: https://www.justasprinkleofsugar.com/. If you want to learn how to bake go for it, don’t take it too seriously, and learn from your mistakes. Happy baking!
Hava would also be interested in teaching on zoom if kids are interested. They can reach her at bakerygirl2020@gmail.com. 
As for Hava’s current favorite recipe, it is a chocolate cake with fudge frosting from Bigger Bolder Baking, and it can be made into cupcakes as well. Find the recipe here: https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/best-ever-chocolate-cake/
I am a chocolate lover, too, and my favorite cupcake is a chocolate one with chocolate mouse inside and chocolate frosting. What is your favorite cupcake? Let us know if you get baking, and share your photos with us on Instagram by tagging @womensquest!