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As we do our best to navigate these uncertain times with COVID-19 and civil unrest, I could not be more grateful to all that Women’s Quest embodies. Love, adventure, peace, sisterhood, acceptance, and all that we may quest for to guide us on the path to our authentic selves! I had the pleasure of journeying to Iceland (18’) and Peru (19’) — here are some treasured thoughts and memories: 
RIDICULOUSLY amazing… that is how I would try to describe the Iceland horseback/hiking/yoga retreat. The land, the people, the horses, abundant nature, and hot springs all have an energy that runs deep. Kindness and joy are abundant. If you are looking to go deeper into your spiritual understanding of yourself or just beginning to delve into that part of your soul, there would be no better place to start.  

Brilliantly led by Colleen and Jacqueline — the group of women I shared this journey with became a sisterhood. Together, we laughed, cried, hiked, ate, trotted in wide open fields and beautiful beaches and experienced beauty beyond words. Olie and Beta, the farm proprietors, were warm and kind and immediately made us feel at home. Dinners were a favorite part of the day and everyone gathered for family style evenings that inspired  lively, organic, and (many times) belly laughing conversations. The days were happily endless and each was the best day ever….imagine that? Yes! Just imagine that….each day was better than the next…

The adventures were as promised, we saw mystical beauty at every turn, we learned about a new culture which inspired us, crossed rivers on horseback, went into a glacier, meditated to the sound of a Gong’s song, practiced yoga in a meadow, played with whales, hiked to the point of exhilaration, rode the most amazing horses, soaked in geothermal hot springs, and, in my opinion, experienced pure bliss.
The Peru hiking / yoga retreat had its own unique effect on me… I traveled to Cusco and acted as Colleen’s sidekick this past October. I showed up ready to help 20 amazing women push themselves out of their comfort zones, nudge their boundaries, and feel the electric empowerment of submitting Machu Picchu together. I did not expect to be so affected by this retreat, but I was! It lit me up! The crystallized Machu Picchu land, the Sacred Valley, the Andean Priests, the shaman cleansing ceremonies, the Inca trails, walking through the Sun-gate — to name some highlights — and of course, the Peruvian people. 

Our guides, Gabby and Hector, represented the native spirit and gave and taught from their hearts. And, we all radiated those feelings back because the joy was real. I made dear dear friends, celebrated my 55th birthday, and coined my new life’s motto: sprout happy.
These were adventures of a lifetime that reminded me that we are the light of our own souls. I am grateful to have connected with Colleen and Jax and to continue to gather with such an inspiring and incredible group of women that I am honored to call my forever friends.
The Women’s Quest platform that Colleen has created is masterful and helps to keep the spirit of adventure alive! For me, it’s a continual quest to go inward, to learn and grow so that I can show up as the best version of myself. I pray that by each of us adding our love to the world we will create a difference! 
Stay healthy, strong, and full of love for humanity.


– Jacquelene Gold