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“My Religion is simple,
My Religion is Kindness
– Dalai Lama
Our Nation is starving for Kindness! I was recently in Peru for 2 weeks at our Women’s Quest Peru adventure retreat experiencing how Peruvian daily life is surrounded with kindness, intentions, sacredness, and connecting to Mother Earth or Pacha Mama. I was shocked when I got off the plane and heard about the fires, shootings, and craziness in the US, but relieved to know that World Kindness Day was here so everyone could practice random acts of kindness and spread Happy Molecules.
If we can all do JUST ONE kind act today it can CHANGE THE WORLD!

Let’s make this World Kindness Week or how about Kindness YEAR!

Here is how it works:
Kindness to Happiness to PeaceWhen you are KIND, helpful, engaging, and just plain old NICE to yourself and others… you create a pathway in your brain of FEELING GOOD! When you are feeling good, you are more likely to be kind. It is a magical two-way street!
When you are kind to others it causes the brain to release endorphins (similar to a runner’s high). Doing something nice also gives our brain a serotonin boost, the chemical that makes us feel satisfaction and well-being.
So, do something KIND today and feel better instantly and help everyone around you!Here is how I BOOST KINDNESS EVERY SINGLE DAY:
We created the “Word of the Day” or “Soul Sparks” at Women’s Quest.  What we do is at the end of the day we think of a word, phrase, image or feeling that sparked our Soul that day, and we talk about it to each other. This is great to do at the dinner table or right before you go to bed. THIS WAY THE GOOD FEELING, KINDNESS AND HAPPINESS CAN BE RECALLED AND REMEMBERED (and hopefully stick to us!)
Rick Hanson talks about how easy it is to let the negative chatter take over. He says that the negative experiences are like Velcro to our brain and that is why we always remember the bad things that happen to us. We have to find ways to lock in good experiences and, “Take in the Good”!   “Word of the Day” helps you remember the simple moments of your day so you can delight, be happy and lock in the experience.
2)   SMILE:
I smile ALL THE TIME! For one thing it opens your central channel and let’s good healing energy into your body but it also helps everyone and everything around you feel better. When you smile at someone it can change their world AND your world.
I give compliments and praises to EVERYONE. (even strangers) I start up conversations with people and connect. Yesterday, after a very long day of flying all night, I was in line at the airport to get oatmeal. I started talking to the woman in line and we both had similar stories, ideas and visions so it turns out I basically met my new best friend.  In this day and age when cell phones keep everyone to themselves and when most people are afraid of each other, it is so important to reach out, connect and say something nice.
I hand out fun cards made by Louise Hay at the retreats to help people get a glimpse of how special and unique they are. You can hand these positive cards out at work, give them to your children, partners, husband or anyone that needs a Kindness Boost!
First thing in the morning… start your day with Kindness   and this in turn will inspire others and they will in turn be kind to others. By being KIND, that helps us and others become HAPPY which can create PEACE in the world!!
So.. make a phone call, send an email or text, send a letter to your friends or maybe to someone in prison, smile at yourself in the mirror, hug everyone around you and JUST BE NICE!!!  OK!!!
“When we feel Love and Kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and care for, but it helps us also to develop inner Happiness and Peace”
– Dalai Lama