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Women’s Quest 2020 Retreat Dates

Have you been longing to travel? Do you want to break out of your comfort zone? Do you want to make new friends?
Well a Women’s Quest retreat is the perfect way to explore, play and grow!

Here are our 2020 Retreat dates: 

Please note: Some dates are tentative: E-mail Colleen@womensquest.com for details and final dates!

Jan 25thCOLORADO Winter Wundertest cross country ski day, snowshoeing and yoga, Winter Park Colorado.
Feb 2-8th – COSTA RICA Surf and Yoga + Adventures retreat.
March 5-8th – COLORADO Winter Wonderfest retreat with cross country skiing, snowshoeing, yoga and health, wellness and building vitality talks.
March 25- April 2nd PATAGONIA multisport adventure retreat, Hiking, Horseriding, Mt Biking, and Yoga.
May 3-9th – HAWAII Retreat, Swim, SUP, dolphin playtime.
July 15-22 – ICELAND Horses, Hiking and Hotspring retreat (intermediate riders)
September 13-18th – VERMONT Hiking, Mt biking, Yoga, SUP retreat.
September 20-27th – TUSCANY CO-ED  Retreat, Road cycling, Yoga, cooking class, wine tasting.
September 19-26th – GREECE on Lefkada with hiking, swimming, SUP, Kayaking, cooking class, and Yoga.
September 27 -October 4th – GREECE Swim, Yoga, HIKE, SUP, Kayak on Amorgos Island with cooking class.
October 25 – Nov 4th – BHUTAN Hiking, optional mountain biking, yoga and visiting sacred sites.
October 28 – Nov 4th – PERU Private Group.
Nov 7-14th –  PERU Adventure Retreat.
December 6-12th – COSTA RICA Surf and Yoga retreat.

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