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Wednesday March 20th is the Spring Equinox (Winter to Spring for us in the Northern Hemisphere). Think: Renewal-Rebirth!

Yippee!  It is spring!!  This is my favorite season because I live in the mountains of Colorado and spring means our long drawn out winters are coming to an end. It is so refreshing and exciting to really experience the newness and reawakening of the once sleeping mountains. Get outside today and take time to watch the miracles of spring unfold.

Here are some ways you can celebrate the Spring Equinox:

1) Get outside and connect to Nature!
“This is the earnest work. Each of us is given only so many mornings to do it – to look around and love”!!
Mary Oliver wrote this line and it totally changed my life. I told my husband that I HAD to go outside everyday for hours to appreciate and love everything.
So on this magical day please take some time to connect to Nature and then bring that peace and calm inside your SOUL. Watch the sunrise or sunset, go on a hike or bike ride, or if you are tired.. just lay in the grass. (or snow if you live in the mountains)
2) Plant Seeds
Springtime is the Season of Creation.
Think about planting a garden. If the weather is still to cold to plant outside you can get a small pot and plant something inside, (or you can plant a dream garden in your mind).
Let the seeds hold your intention, dreams and hope for the future. Water it, Talk to it and watch it flourish with the new energy and light of the spring

3) Create an alter or sacred space
I have tiny alters all around my house to remind me of the Divine Energy and Love that is available to us 24/7.
Just the act of slowing down and recognizing the beauty around you is helpful to your psyche.
Making a spring alter is easy, you can collect what you love and put it around you. You may want to decorate an Egg and put it in the center because the egg symbolizes rebirth.

Helpful hints:

Colors: Yellow and Green are the colors of the season
Candles: I use the electric candles because we live in Colorado with a high fire danger
Flowers: daffodil, dandelion, hyacinth, Easter lily, tulip, pansies, apple and cherry blossoms, lilacs (These have not bloomed where I live so I go to the store and buy them)
Gemstones and Crystals: Ocean Jasper (joy and positive vibrations), Lemon Quartz (creativity and prosperity), Peridot (joyful energy and abundance)

4) Meditate
The spring Equinox can help you bring peace, calm and balance into your life if you take some dedicated time to sit still and breath. You may find yourself feeling anxious in the springtime because all of Nature is in a state of chaos and busting with energy.
Meditation will help you find the still point of calm within yourself.
If you can’t sit still then try walking meditation to listen to the birds or some easy yoga.

5) Find Your Rhythm
In the Spring I like to jump-start my system to get organized.
I clean out the old, to make way for the NEW!
Spring is a great time to start something NEW!
Plus, I try to go to bed by 10 so I can wake up early.
(this is super hard for me so I have to set an alarm at 9:00 PM so I can start to unwind)

Do whatever you can do TODAY to celebrate the beauty and magic of the Equinox..
“There is a light seed grain inside. You fill it with yourself, or it dies”. Rumi