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Time for Movement

by Colleen Cannon
The first natural impulse in the Spring is to start moving more. It just feels good to play and get some “spring into your step.” As with nature, our bodies are also hearing the “wake-up” call.

After the winter of long, slow distance training where you have developed a good solid foundation to your training program it is time to start “getting the lead out” or opening up your internal streams. You can do this by introducing some “speed play” or fartlek twice a week to your training program. Or you can start thinking about some early season track workouts. My favorite is called “straights and curves.” You run or stride the straight part of the track and then you jog around the curves to get your breath back. You do this for 3-5 miles. This is a great season opener because it does not tax your anaerobic system so much. By the time your heart rate has gotten up there from running the straight part of the track it had a chance to go back down on the curve part. This is a great way to trick your self into shape.

I love this workout and all of Boulder’s Who’s Who of running would be doing this in the Spring. If you don’t have a track close by you can always go to Plan B. I created this because I live in the mountains now and we don’t have a track close by. I do the Running Telephone Pole drill. I run fast to a pole and then jog a pole, and fast a pole and jog a pole (until you run out of poles) * You can do this for 15 minutes or more
1.  Warm up 15 min
2.  Straights and Curves or Poles for 15 to 30 min
3.  15 minute warm down

Another option that I love doing in the Spring is to find a slight downhill for 1/4 or 1/2 mile. I run down fast and get a good turnover and then jog back up super slow. I do this 3 to 4 times.  The idea is to get your legs to turn over like Fred Flinstone!!

You are striding and going fast without taxing your heart!!

Try it out.  See what works for YOU!