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NOURISHed Recovery & Discovery

The food we eat is the catalyst to good health – the nutrients we absorb bath our cells in information that our body reads and responds to. This is a powerful tool for our general health and well-being, and even more so for those of us invested in preventing or managing any type of chronic health concern – including cancer risk.  Nourished recovery and discovery is about building a culinary tool kit that supports you in living fully and radiantly – with simplicity. Discover some of my favorite foods for women’s health and vitality and learn how to use them, daily.


It can be fun to discovery and make use of foods with health boosting properties that support that body by creating an internal environment that can signal the “off-switch” to cancer genes.  Thus, decreasing risk of cancer occurrence or of recurrence for those with a history of cancer. There are many nutrients, phytochemicals, and compounds that offer an arsenal of health promoting tools.  Some of my favorites are:

  • Curcumin: A compound in turmeric that has been used around the world to treat many health conditions and support you in living your best life.

  • Selenium:  A an often overlooked and under-eaten mineral that has far reaching effects in supporting your immune system and thyroid health.

  • Holy Basil: The queen of herbs! A member of the mint family, holy basil, has medical properties that protect the cells and calm the central nervous system.

Create your own NOURISHment:

  • Turmeric – learn to cook more curry or try golden milk tea
  • Holy basil – Tulsi is a simple tea for daily drinking or grab one of my favorite multiple vitamin for women made by New Chapter Organics called “Perfect Calm”
  • Brazil nuts – add to a savory dish, to salad, or to your energy mix.  Although truth be told I am in love with dark chocolate covered brazil nuts!

Learning how to create and use a NOURISH culinary tool box can be a powerful act of self care, and can also offer support people ways to actively engage in an important health journey.


Kimberly Evans MS RD is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and BUTI yoga teacher who’s unique approach to supporting women on their wellness journey is based on the modern science of nutrition and the alchemy of her own life experiences and personal catharsis calling her to own and connect sources of beauty, with purpose and intention.  To reach her email kimberly@nourishradiance.com.