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StravaI am asked all the time, “what do you use to track your exercises?”  Let’s begin with the basic question of, why would you want to track your exercise in the first place? Tracking your daily activity is not only for those who are in training.  It is great if you are working towards weight loss or just want to keep track of all of those cool places/heights you have been reaching.  Creating goals can be easier to stick to if you aren’t just guessing and can keep you accountable.  Data can tell us a lot about our progress and help us figure out what our next steps should be.  And unlike the days of paper and pencils, it is an easy way to track and store information.
From Apple products to Garmin, how do you choose what works best for you?  It is all about the data.  What is going to track what is important to me?  If you are just looking at time and distances, I recommend saving a few bucks and downloading an app on your smartphone.  It is as simple as opening an app and pushing the start/finish button.  Most apps come with a basic free option that also has a paid premium program.  Again, basic is great if you are just tracking your steps!  If a phone feels bulky or you are looking for more data such as heart rate, dive into a smart watch.  There are tons of options out there from price to functionality.   Do your research and make sure you find one that works best for you.  Just make sure that is waterproof if you will be swimming!
My favorite program to use is Strava.  Either hook it up to your phone or purchase a watch to track your physical stats.  You can follow along with live updates and tracking, snap pics and log them with your activity, see your finished map, break down your times, distances and elevations, comment on friends posts and give kuddos (their version of a virtual high five). The support system between fellow athletes and adventurers on this network is wonderful!  Strava also partners up with different companies offering challenges and contest each month.  If you are feeling a little competitive or want that extra push, check them out!
Not feeling Strava?  Check out Map My Ride, Run Keeper, My Fitness Pal and Google Fit.  Each has it’s own unique features and the choice of which to use will vary based on your individual needs and wants in a fitness tracking program.
Let us know the program you have chosen to use and the Women’s Quest staff and community will begin to follow you and offer support! Just add comment below with your info.  Now get out and get moving!