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By Kimberly Evans RD
(802) 999-9207
I am a big fan of adventure.  Cycling, running and, well, the adventure of life. And, adventure just goes better when you are well nourished and well hydrated. As a busy mother, athlete, and dietitian, I am drawn to quick and simple ways to fuel up.  The busyness of life makes it is super tempting to grab a sports drink off the grocery store shelf, whoever I just can’t get past the neon colors and the long list of unrecognizable ingredients. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the science behind them, and the science is good. Good nutrition around your workout helps you perform better, recover more quickly, and reduces risk of injury. And you deserve quality ingredients, which can be surprisingly hard to find! Sure, drinking plain water is always an option.  However there are times and situations where more is really needed. Sports drinks are designed to support activities that are either long in duration or done in hot conditions. Their usefulness is built around a ratio of fluid to sugar and electrolytes. They are designed to move easily and quickly out of your GI tract and into your blood giving your cells, muscles, and nerves what they need to carry on. The good news is that making your own sports drink is super easy and usually taste way better than anything you can buy.  Here is one of my favorite recipes. I make a big batch to keep in my refrigerator. Bonus – it is so pretty.
The Recipe
Electrolyte Sports Lemonade
Juice of one large lemon
2 tbsp of raw honey or maple syrup
1 pinch of pink Himalayan salt
8-10 oz water
raspberries for color or a splash of tart cherry juice
Mix all of your ingredients in a blender (especially if you’re using berries) and then strain it to remove seeds and bits of skins. That way you’ll have a lovely pink electrolyte sports lemonade.
(will keep 5 days in the refrigerator)