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Spring is a great time to watch Nature come to life. The earth wakes up and begins to show off her colors. I love watching our first flowers come out in the Colorado Rockies. They are these little purple fuzzy flowers called Pasque flowers or Spring Crocus. They are densely covered with white silky hairs that remind me of a fur coat which is a good thing because they get snowed on often in the Spring. I like to think of these flowers this time of year or anytime I need some kind of pick up or breakthrough energy. These tough little POWER flowers must break through hard frozen ground, withstand freezing temperatures and snow and they still manage to Bloom. So keep this little flower in the back of your mind when you need some help or you are feeling a bit wimpy. You can do it!!
Getting outside in Nature will help you balance your energies! The start of Spring is a great excuse to cancel meetings and hit the trails.  Spring is like recess for the planet and for all of us. So watch the miracles of Spring unfold.. and Behold!!!