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Welcome to Winter
Winter- A time for Base Building by Lorraine Moller
Now that we are in the throes of Winter and our inclination is to curl up in bed with a hot toddy and a good book, rather than bundling up and braving the cold, how do we keep our fitness routines intact?
First off, do not fight the “hibernation” instinct. It is natural and worked with can balance out your training to your great advantage. This is the time to slow down and build a base. Whether you are running, hiking, cycling or swimming, leave your summertime aspirations for intense activity behind and concentrate on long, slow, steady aerobic activity. Remember the term aerobic? It means “with oxygen” as opposed to working yourself hard enough that you are out of breath. The acid test – you should be able to carry a conversation while you are working out aerobically.
An entire season of aerobic workouts will set you up nicely for your summertime season of competition for the following reasons:
Since aerobic activity burns fatty acids you will become efficient at burning fats. The longer you work out aerobically, the more fat you will burn up and the greater your endurance. You will keep chugging along way past the time when your speedy buddies have bit the dust, and will be able to handle the faster workouts when Spring comes.
Your body will build a fantastic network of blood supply to your peripheral tissues supplying life-giving oxygen to your entire body. Healthy! Healthy!!
Tendons, ligaments and muscles have a chance to catch up to their faster developing counterparts, heart and lungs. Come summer, you will be less apt to pull a muscle or develop a nagging Achilles tendon when you speed up.
Long, Slow Distance activity puts you into a whole brain state and promotes endorphin production. No wonder it is popularly referred to as LSD. With both sides of your brain activated you will be wonderfully creative while working out and will hold that wonderful feeling of well-being for hours afterwards. Just the prescription for the wintertime blues!
Here is a fun way to get started. Whether you are a beginner, starting over for the New Year, or wish to set PR’s at your favorite race distance Lydiard Running Wizard provides training programs that start out slowly and gradually build your endurance and speed safely and surely.
All training plans are uniquely tailored to your starting point, give you a choice of 4-7 days a week training, provide detailed daily workouts and guidelines, and are based on the same scientifically proven method that ignited the jogging revolution and is used by champions the world over. Oxygenate your cells. They will love you for it!
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